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Pre-built computer $500-600 better than this one

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Tomorrow is Cyber Monday any pre-built computers better than this one?
It's for my friend he just wants it to be conveiant he's upgrading to a really old computer geforce 5200fx,pentium 1.8ghz
It doesn't have to be intel ,could be AMD just a pre-built better than this one listed above in 500-600 price range.
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Well, hes my old friend that moved... so I can't really build it for him cause he lives very far from me plus he said he doesn't want to go through any trouble building a custom one
Indeed, you could build a similar one for at least $100 less, or a better one at that price. Or he could build it himself. With the economy the way it is, why not save a bit of cash?
He needs to know that he could build a better system for about the same cost (maybe even less). Not only would he save money, but he would be much happier with his computer too.
I'm sure the OP appreciates everyone's input, but he asked for pre-built PCs. If anyone has a good link to one, please post it.

Originally Posted by Zeper
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still doesnt load

What doesn't load? Are you talking about the broken link in the duplicate thread of this thread? That's because you copied the link's text like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16883227200

See the "..." in it? That was put there by this message board's software called vBulletin. It shrinks longer addresses down to help prevent sideways scrolling due to insanely long addresses. Unfortunately, it shrinks these down too.

Here's the actual address.




See the difference?

Anyway, click there and then copy the address from the address bar. Then the next time that you copy it the way you did when you created the duplicate thread, just do it that way. You can also just right-click the link and choose Copy Shortcut in IE or Copy Link Location in Firefox. But never just highlight the URL and copy it. All you're doing is copying the link's text.
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