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Pre built kit

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ok im no fan of pre built kits, but this looks like a really good kit for no cheap but i could be way off any imput guys.

would only be using this for the cpu.
for the time being
not the vga or the n/bridge
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i'm not either but that is a pretty nice little setup!
But it comes with a northbridge and GPU block, why not use them?
i know and for 99 euro with a 360 rad!!!! and the works im very tempted cos my vendetta does an ok job but i want to reach for the 3.7 3.8 lol.
and i cant build anything close to that price.
cos i dont have a mosfet cooler then. the mars has an intergreated heat pipe cooler.
so is that a yea its a prebuilt kit but would you be tempted yourself for that price? it seems to me to be a really good start but i am not sure about the asetek/waterchill products, it has been around for a good few years from what i can see only reviews i can find is on it cooling amd chips and prescotts and thats for a a 120 rad and just the pump no quad core reviews.
A good quality loop tend to be a bit more expensive than 99euros. That said IDK much about that kit. You could try it out and report back to us though.
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i know but i dont have the money for a really nice one like i want ha. all i know is the cpu block alone is worth about 30 euro and has quite a few good reviews and is rated for 200w heat dissapation. and no matter what triple rad i get surely it cant be all that bad the cheapest one is like 30 euro as is. then i get al fittings and a pump thats software controled and built in res, so say the pmp isnt strong enough i can get a second inline pump and run a second rad hey
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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