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Precision fan control not working

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i have evga precision set to load with windows but the fan speed doesnt load.

i have it set to 70%. ill look at my gpu temps on speedfan before i open it....then when i open it the temps go down another 5-6 degrees.

anyone else having this problem?
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Is SpeedFan conflicting with EVGA Precision? See what happens if, upon completion of a fresh boot, you check Precision before ever opening SpeedFan (unless SpeedFan is starting with Windows). Or it could be a conflict coming from other software, so take a look around. It could be anything such as the nTune software, or possibly even nVidia System Tools, that is, if you downloaded and installed it.
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i have no other diag tools installed or opened on start up. i have it set now that precision opens on startup instead of just "applied at startup" so i can just close it now, since when i open then close it, the fan speed sticks.

if anyone else has this prob/fix, lmk
didnt work. mainly after i take it out of suspend mode. and i checked "restore settings after suspend mode"

i give up.
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