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Hello all,

I stumbled across this website in the search of an answer for my IT shop. i scrolled through the forum and it seems like a good place to come for answers. I am an IT "specialist" and i would like to say my speciality is GNU/Linux, but im forever learning with that OS. my favorite distros are: Debian Lenny for my desktop servers, Ubuntu for my laptops, and Arch Linux for just something to play with. I have taken Cisco 1-4, but never had the money to get the CCNA. my IT shop uses windows, mainly because i work for the army.
im always on the look out for free software, opensource software, and just cool little apps. im working on mastering C++, Bash, and Java. ive taken an eye to Python, but my job is taking a lot of my time lately.
I build my own systems and work on them making them better, and build a new one about every 3-4 years. my ultimate goal is to build a server farm of my own.
Im also dabbling in sound editing and mixing. which is turning into a hobby. as a few of my hobbies go, i love to write, play airsoft/paintball, biking, and hiking. i also love to make things with my hands, like ductape wallets, braclets/chokers for my lady friends, and i build other little contraptions.

Im hoping to provide advice and guidence on this forum as well as take A LOT of guidence and advice myself from here.
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Welcome.. You shall find a home here I'm sure
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Welcome to OCN!
Yes, you've come to the right place

I see you have a lot of hobbies. like me
. Good luck with programming, it's not something you can easily learn. Python is a great language to learn BTW.

This may seem odd, but I want to congratulate you for filling out your system specs, almost nobody does that when they join and then when they post a question everyone says "fill out your system specs"..
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Awesome! you'll definitely enjoy this site. Welcome to OCN!!
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welcome to OCN
Thanks everyone, im workign on my benchmarks right now, its been a while since i benchmarked my computers.
We use 3Dmark06 and Vantage as main benchmarks for comparisons. A good graphic card stresser is Furkmark, and for CPUs there's Intel Burn Test, OCCT and Prime95.

Good benching!
Welcome to OCN!

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