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Premium, Pro, or Ultimate...Which to get?

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As the title states, gonna pick up a copy off newegg as I don't have a student email, should I just get Home Premium, or go for Pro or Ultimate and what would the benefits be?
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From what I've seen, Pro and Ultimate are only useful for more business use, good for laptops you take to work and things, mainly due to the networking and backup tools I think. Also you get XP mode which I've never seen a need for with what I do.

If you are using it as a home PC then just get Premium, you might be missing out on a few little extras but I doubt they are anything you would use. I know I've never seen a need for the extra features on vista or 7 and I use my PC pretty heavily for many things...
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Yea, Premium is good for most all users, Pro has a few extra useful features and Ultimate has all that extra fluff (multi language support, bitlocker and others).
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So essentially for all my gaming needs I don't need to spend the extra money on Pro or Ultimate. Sounds good thanks guys.
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