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Im looking to overhaul my current rig later this summer.

Current Specs:
Antec 300
M5a99xEvo Rev 1.
AMD 8350
Original style Coolmaster V8
250gb SSD
2 tb HD
8gb of Kingston 1866mhz
2 Crossfired 6780hds
650W PSU

First I'm going to switch the case to a Corsair 700 Series for airflow and water cooling. My 8350 runs at 4.6 on air and is stable but I cant run Prime 95 for long before it hits red. Gaming usually puts me no hotter than 55C.

I need advice on the graphics cards. I can get about 38 fps with Heaven benchmarks and into the 4700 with firestrike. Id like to go with a single card that has 4k capability. I probably wont game at 4k but would like the muscle to push it to my flatscreen tv. I was thinking about one of the Gigabyte AMD R9 380 256 Bit GDDR5 4GB 2xDVI/HDMI/DP G1 Gaming Graphics Card . Suggestions?

Next, should I keep the M5a99x or upgrade? It has been a solid board and never bit of trouble.

After all that is figured out should I go closed water cooling with just the CPU covered or custom loop and water block the GPU?

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There are new videos on the way from both AMD and Nvidia so you are better off waiting for those before you buy something.
Older cards are going to drop in price if you still want a Radeon 380.

The GTX 1080 is out on may 27th and the GTX 1070 is out in early june if you can spend that much.
Price is going to be $380 for the GTX 1070 and $599 for the GTX 1080, both are going to be faster then a Titan X or faster then 970/980 in SLI.

Edit: one thing you really need to do is clean that PC up as its dirty.
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