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Prime95 Error

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Okay, I built my new rig, but this happens when i open Prime95 in torture test.

"Fatal Error: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
Hardware Failure detection, consult stress.txt
Torture Test Ran 0 Minutes - 1 errors 0 warnings
Execution halted"
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Your CPU is unstable
Try uping the vCore a bit or drop down a couple MHz.
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its at 2.2 Ghz, wanted to OC but i guess i can't.
Your Overclock is unstable mate.As said it seems you need to up your V-core 1 Increment...Then try again mate.

Originally Posted by XzMk07 View Post
its at 2.2 Ghz, wanted to OC but i guess i can't.
Was the test done at stock? Something is probably wrong if your CPU fails P95 at stock. Whats your temperatures?
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You system may not like the RAM 1.5G mix your running!
yes it is at stock, and i just built my new rig yesterday. Maybe i didnt connect something right. Here are temps in speedfan
Temp1: 32C
HD0: 43C

I took one 256 out, wouldnt let my screen show. Ill take out the other

BRB, takin it out
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thanks duke, it was the ram stick
. Thanks Jackz for your help too. It runs good now and Core Temp with it running is 47C - Stock
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47 idle isnt too great, Id say try to improve airflow in your case (unless the ambient temp in your room is a balmy 35-40C XD )

But honestly, 47C wont do any harm, its just going to be a huge limiting factor in any overclocking you may want to perform.
its 40C without Prime95
oh, so 47 is while running prime95? (full load) in that case those temps are excellent on stock cooling, you can definitely overclock that some without too much worry. Just take your time, up the overclock by small increments (+5mHz) and when you get an error in prime95 just increase the vcore by +0.05v until you can run prime95 for atleast an hour with an error, then up the clock a bit, then test, its a long and arduous process, but if you have another PC to surf the net on while you are OCing your main rig, it helps the time pass quicker (and you can get A LOT of BSing done on OCN's off topic area while you wait for the tests to run
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does prime95 have anything to do with GPU? Im overclocking my gpu right now and its goin pretty well..
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