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Prime95's killer FFTs

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So I'm wondering if there's something about prime95's large and blend FFT test that i'm not aware of that is constantly crashing my memory within a second of the test starting. Running a similar test in ORTHOS is telling me that my memory is stable though. Any ideas? Should I be using something that isn't prime95 for my memory? I'm using the latest version that supports multiple cores for my x3 -> x4 720 BE.

My memory clocks were tested at roughly 1400 Mhz, with loose (9-9-9-24) timings (stock is 7-7-7-20 for my memory), which is a minor and supposedly easily manageable overclock.

EDIT: Can an admin move this to the benchmark software discussion thread? Sorry about that.
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Prime 95 is much more intense then Orthos, id say your not 100% stable is all.
does orthos stress more than 2 cores? I remember that it isn't very good at that....
Run memtest. That is the best way to see if your RAM is stable. If it passes that and fails prime, I would think it is the CPU.
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