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Pro Tools MIDI setup

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I've had a Pro Tools digital studio (16 track, 8 on the Digi001, 8 through a Presonus light pipe unit)for a year now, but have never used it to it's full capacity. I was setting up the MIDI (with a Yamaha SY35) but have hit a snag. I can record the MIDI timecode, but I don't know hot to convert that into audible tones. From the software I have used before (I forget what it was, long time ago), you just play, select a sound from a numbered list, and you get audible notes. With PT, I can't figure out how to send the MIDI signal to an output, or how to make sound. Any help is appreciated.
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I think the problem may be that the different MIDI sounds were never installed, is that possible?
I've installed Pluggo instruments, but they don't show up as output options in the MIDI track. I have also read that I need an "instrument track". I have never seen an option to create an "instrument track", only Audio, Aux, Master Fader, and MIDI.
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