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Problem installing 3 SATA hard drives on ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe

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Hey, I have a P4C800-E Deluxe Mother board, and I have 3 SATA drives, two of those drives are westerdigital raptors 36gb which are on the intel controllers, these are not set up on RAID, my third hard drive is on the promise 378 controller and is a 160 GB Westerdigital. Now what I want to do is use the 160gb drive for storage on its own. When the computer starts up, the raid controller recognizes it, but the bios (and windows) does not. How can I configure the 160GB drive for use.

Any help is greatly needed and appreciated

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I'm thinking you need SP1 or to load the chipset drivers. Not my strong point but hope it helps. BTW, did you fromat before installing the 120?
I had a problem similar to this with my WD2500JB. I had a Maxtor 80GB on IDE1, PX-712A on IDE2 and the WD2500JB on IDE3. The system wouldn't recognize the WD2500JB. What I ended up doing was moving the 80GB Maxtor to IDE3 and the WD2500JB to IDE1. I am not sure exactly what the issue was, but that solved the problem. Also I had a similar problem with the AS8 motherbaord. It seems that when you use SATA in combination with IDE, the IDE takes precedence over the SATA, so my WD360GD was showing up as Drive E, rather than Drive C. I had to change my BIOS so that the SATA would be set up as IDE1, The real IDE1 was disabled and IDE2 was for my PX-712A and WD2500JB. I am still fiddling with it, but I suspect that after I have the drive letters assigned by Windows, it won't matter where the drives are plugged in. Let us know what you find.
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