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hey guys i have my p5b d installed and when i fire up the bios post screen goes and bios is fine and all of that and then i went into ctrl+I and setup a raid 0 with two hdd's, now then i went into the bios and setup ide to raid and int reconizes my raid setup aat boot,

now i need to make a floppy for the raid drivers so when i install the os ill have them for the f6 portion,

so it says i can run the cd and itll make a floppy i can use but it wont run the cd, in bios i put ATAPI cd-rom as first boot (which i thought this was my cd drive ) and went i reboot it still doesnt do anything except post like either select correct boot device or insert media into correct boot device

so i tried using f8 to check boot priority and all it ahs listed are my raid setup and the floppy and no cd player

any ideas much appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts