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hi, I need help, I recently bought a DDR4 Z690 gigabyte x gaming motherboard for my i7 12700k and my RAMS xcalibur t force 4000mhz 18 20 20 24.

The problem is the instability, is incredible, my pc does not even reach the desktop without giving a blue screen, and when the problem is not that, it is that it restarts several times and never starts.

I try to manually put the memories at 3200mhz and even at that frequency they don't work, the computer restarts several times but never finishes booting.

Regarding my processor, it does not work at a fixed frequency, it goes from 4.7ghz to 3.0ghz out of the blue. my pc only works smoothly when i reset to default settings the entire bios (cpu all options in AUTO and dram frequency in2400mhz).

The things I have tried and have not given me a solution: 1. Change the position of the memories in their respective dual channel slots 2. Update the bios to the latest version 3. I have tried with the XMP profile 4. I have manually set the CPU and dram voltages (as applicable) 5. i have reset bios defaults and try setting everything again.


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