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I started folding on my 4870 yesterday and completed first work unit this evening (not folding 24/7 so prob only get 1 WU a day done).

I went to load a game with it still running but my game had stuttering so I went to pause or stop it from working, but couldn't find it in the system tray. HFM.net reported that it was running and it was using my GPU so it was indeed running.

In the end I resorted to ending any folding related processes from task manager, but this deleted all the progress I had from my current WU after re-launching. After re-launching manually rather than from startup, it goes into the system tray, but if I quit from the tray it deletes my progress, is that normal? Its wierd that I turned my pc off last night and it kept the WU till today fine.

OK I'm rambling...basically...am I doing something wrong? How can I stop and start the GPU2 client without loosing data, and how can I ensure its always in the system tray?


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Iv'e completed 6 WU's in the last 2 days with my X3 Athlon,don't know how GPU's compare though.I have not gotten brave enough yet to try GPU folding on AMD's.
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