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I just switched from the conventional barbs and clamps to BP compression fittings and after a couple of teething problems (Apogee GTX + BP elbows = leak!) I got everything working great.

The only problem I have now, is that the fittings I used on my XSPC rez tops foul the screw-in black res cap. It won’t fit. Have tried filing the cap down but this doesn’t work.

So I wondered if anyone has any ideas for how to solve this problem. Obviously I need something water tight. I’m using earplugs for now until I find a permanent solution. Am looking for ideas like a cork bung or cap, of it could be made of rubber I guess. Anyone encountered this issue before?

Oh don’t suggest getting some type of elbow fittings- after the leaks I had at the weekend, draining my dual loops again for the third or fourth time in recent days really is a last resort for me!
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