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problem with core I7 gaming rig

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Hi guys,
last night I was browsing the web with my I7 sig rig and I heard a weird sound which was one of my cpu fans (against the cooler) I tried to fix it my wiggling and moving it a bit and may have tilted my noctua heatsink a bit. Then the next day I tried to turn on my computer and it starts normally with all the leds fans, graphics cards etc but the monitor didn't recognize the computer. I tried switching monitors, vga cables, dvi adapters, took out all the ram except one, took out the graphics cards and tried to put either one in different pci-e slots, I dis-connected all peripherals my post code is b8 or bF I'm not sure since the b kind of looks like a 6. so it's either 68 and 6F or b8 and bF.
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Power off, pull battery, and wait five minutes and replace battery and power up. Also double check all connections.
I assume that you mean the cmos battery but do you mean by replace that I have to buy a new one or just put it back in?
I tried to take out the cmos battery, I took it out for 1 hour, put it back in booted my computer but it still didn't work any ideas?
I need some serious help here. I hate to be without my computer.
I already did, didn't work. The only thing I haven't done is to take out the cpu and re-install it into the system. Has anyone ever had this problem?
yes it is a separate problem, I;m not sure what a post noise is but the computer sounds normal while starting up. if the screen wouldn't stay black there would be no difference
Take out your SLI bridge and the 1st GPU. Plug your monitor into the second GPU and boot. If fails, move the second GPU into the 1st slot.

I have the exact same board but I am currently not at home and cannot look up the error code. If you have the instruction book for the board handy you could look it up, or when I get home in a few hours I will see what the error code means.
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nope I don't have the manual available right now. And I already tried the switching around of the graphics cards, doesn't seem to work.
I'm so desperate that I might go to a computer repair shop even if they never know what they are doing. Any more ideas about what could be wrong?
have you made sure your cpu supplementary power cable is plugged in propperly?
Since there is no B8 or BF error code, its either 6B or 6F

6B - Program chipset registers according to items described in Setup & Auto-configuration table

6F - 1. Initialize floppy controller **OR** 2. Set up floppy related fields in 40:hardware

Now that I think about it, when I first got this board I was getting the 6F error code. I fixed it by taking out all the ram and letting it boot (and thus giving me a different error code about the memory) If you have 3 sticks of memory, but the RAM in the WHITE slots. Actually, put in ONE stick of memory in the WHITE slot closest to the CPU and try to boot. That's what fixed it for me

Good luck!

Originally Posted by felix.vollrath View Post
wow it fixxed it fro me too. AWESOME
Glad to have helped.
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