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Problem with Creative Audigy Value 7.1 Sound Card

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I am having Creative Audigy Value 7.1 Sound Card
it was workign fine till yesterday,,
Now i am having a strange problem. i am having 7.1 analog speaker system.
the volume output level of side and rear speakers is very low even on max volume by system..Front and center speakers are giving max output. Speaker system is ok bcos all channel workes fine when connected to on-board sound.

I have reinstalled whole winxp, latest driver from Creative.. all control panel and audio console setting are checked.

Even changed Opamps for side and rear channel but no solution...

Can any one help............
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Maybe the video/music your watching isnt designed for 7.1 speakers and hence doesnt utilize the side/rear satellites. I know with the 5.1 setup in our loungeroom, the rear speakers dont put out much sound until something is actually happening in that direction. (ie rear/side for you).

But im far from an audio expert, so if anything this can be a bump so maybe the audiophiles of the forum can see the thread.
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Do you have a way to test your speakers? I had the same problem and was getting SO mad because I could not find anything wrong at all, come to find out it was my speakers going bad.
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