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Problem with E4600 on Asus P5N-e sli

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Hi ppl

I have Intel C2D e4600 2,4ghz on Mbo asus P5n-e sli
with 2x1gb kingston ddr2 hyperx

i want to OC it as much as i can

i tried this set up and it was fine on ORTHOS test for about 3h(it didnt crashed i stoped it)

Vcore 1.35
Vram 2,019
Nbcore 1,39

Fsb 266x11multiplier =2926mhz
ram 532
ram timeings 4-4-4-12 2t (stock is 5-5-5-15) but it works either way...i heard 4-4-4-12 is for better performance

so my fsb:ram ratio is 1:1

i just need to turn on the last multiplier to get 266x12 = 3192mhz

but on 12th its unstable

i tried increasing the vcore to 1,4+ but still have the problems

i use stock cooler and my temp on ORTHOS doesnt go above 58C but i get BSOD and start to crie

if anyone had similar problem please share some tips...

thank you
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I dont know that board but try uping the NB voltage a notch or 2. Might help. Also try running Memtest86+. Download the Pre-built and burn it to a CD and restart your system. This will let you know if the RAM is stable.
You need to drop your ram multi down a notch and leave it at and if that won't work try 5..5.5.15
try loosing your timings first and work on your CPU, start by your vcore until you have reached your limit then by raising your nb volt.

I usually always test using Intel Burn in Test (minimum 12 passes) and then minimum 3 hours of Orthos.
k will update as soon as i can....working now
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Ok this is far as i got
i bought Scythe Mugen 2 and drooped my temp alot

Bios set up:
Vcore 1.49
Vdimm 2.013
Nbcore 1.39
fsb 275 x12 =3300
ram timeings 5 5 5 12 2T

my vdroop goes from 1.47-1,52(cpuz) considering i use crappy 400w psu

i tested this set up in OCCT stable 6h core temps dont pass 52C
yesterday i did linpack on fsb 271x12=3261 on auto(1h) temps didnt go above 58 but vcore was on 1.47....

my question is how high can i push my vcore?
i am trying to get 3,5-3,6ghz...
since this is my frist OC i think i have done a good job so far...correct me if i am wrong

here is the cpuz http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=881208

idle temps where little high here cuz the temp in my room was higher then usuall cuz of heatin
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volts differ from chip to chip but my 4300 only needed 1.53v for 3.6ghz under full load.

tips for your mobo, cooling cooling cooling
get a fan on the nb if you can and make sure the power regs have plenty of airflow too.

use the +100mv option to help lower vdrop/vdroop but remmeber that it adds to what ever vcore you set so if you want 1.35vcore you pick 1.25 and +100mv.

set your ram to its rated speeds and volts via the unlinked option or manually set it tp 1:1, the linked option can casue issues for some daft reason.

which bios revision are you using? 0608 is widly regarded as the best for that board

1.4 to the nb should be enough to get you to 333fsb so you want to be working out what vcore for what speeds

gl, hf and rep those who help
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this is my fan set up and its very effective
blue intake red exausth, i was thinking of makeing the side top one which is near cooler to exausth one

i did 3h linpack on3,3ghz

my ram timeings are set to factory numbers
ill try with 4 4 4 12 2T (sorry in prev post i writed that they where 5 5 5 12 2T its 5 5 5 15 2T)

my ratio is 1:1

so if i am getting this right my vcore is now 1.49 i should put 1.39 and turn on +100mv option?
i am useing 1406 bios latest one few weeks old
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maybe i could reach better results if i get a nice psu???
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