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Problem with folder settings...need help ASAP

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So i had two drives:
1) WD 160GB with OS and 95% of games
2) WD 320GB with music/pictures/videos/etc
yesterday my friend came with his pc and told me that his hard drive was screwed and asked if i had a sata one to test it in his pc since he thought the mobo was broken.
BIG MISTAKE and i mean BIG,i put the hard drive in his pc and BOOM! hard drive fried instantly so i lost all my data.
Here comes the problem,i had the os on the 160 drives but i created the music/pictures/documents folder to folders in drive D
320GB) and set windows to use these folders when i clicked on the start menu's respective option and now that i don't have the drive i cant point the images/music/documents on the start menu to another folder,everything on properties is empty since the D: drive vanished.
I'm pretty sure that there's a windows setting/file that will let me change that.
I don't know if i made myself clear,my english is very bad,please let me know.
Pic attached:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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