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Ok so i've been playing Black flag and this problem occurred to me the 4th time. My theory is that maybe it is the lack of power that my gpu is getting and its causing this crash (bsod later) or is it unstable oc?

my psu is fortron raider 650w the bronze certified one. The bsod codes though that i get are 133 and 141.

Note, a week ago i was gaming ac unity and i never had these issues before. And the gpu also passed stress tests and such..

Maybe.... my overclocked cpu is whats causing the crash? since maybe its drawing too much power causing instability with power delivery to the gpu.

So do I need a new psu, or should i RMA the card?

p.s note, the first screen is my gaming monitor, and the secondary one is for monitoring etc.. http://imgur.com/2WtxX9k,T2MU15g

I've been asking around other forums, some said it is unstable OC and some said it is a blown capacitor and i should rma, I am confused.

(Firestrike graphics score around 13200-13500) Done furmark stress tests and such, gpu never passed above 70c. Another thing, maybe my voltage is too low?
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