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Problem with new OCed System

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Ok first let me give you guys the breakdown of what kind of system i just built.

DFI Ultra-D NF4 Board
AMD Opteron 165 CPU Stepping 0551
2 Gigs of DDR500 PC 4000 OCZ Plat edition ram
Hitachi 250gb Hard Drive
Pioneer DVD Burner
Asus GeForce 6800GT
Thermalright XP-90C Heatsink with Sunon Fan
OCZ 520W Power Supply
24inch Dell 1900x1200 Monitor
2 Dynaudio BM5A's Studio Monitors
Delta Audiophile 2496 Studio Sound Card

Now here is the problem. The system works without a hitch when it is not overclocked. I was able to get it from 1.8 to 2.4 last night. But Then the problems started occuring. The OS loaded, and programs worked flawlessly. Except at times (i believe this is the video card causing this problem) the screen would freeze up for a second or 2, then it would go black. Most of the time i would be able to resume my work, but sometimes it would give me the blue screen of death and the entire machine would reset itself.

I believe the problem is with the pciE video card (6800gt) When the system is overclocked, i think the video card loses sync. Allthough i could be completely wrong. So if anyone has been in this situation before, or seen this problem occur, please let me know. If it is the video card, im sure theres something in the bios i have to change to up the voltage or something with the video card.

Thanks in advance,

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well...post your temps while its overclocked. if its getting too hot that could cause it to crash. also, post a pic of CPU-Z of your CPU speeds and your mem speeds.
thanks man, ill post that info when i get home today.

I think i remember that the card was running at about 48 degrees. The cpu at 36.
Please list your components in the System Specs ... link through USER CP @ top of page.
ok, there are the results from the cpuz test.

I am using Pheonix - Award WorkstationBios

The pci express frequency is locked at 100mhz.

The following read out is with the FSB Bus Frequency set at 267 providing the 2.4 OC.
The LDT/FSB Freq Ratio is set to auto.
CPU/FSB Ratio is at 9x.

as for voltage:
CPU Core: 1.35V
LDT Bus: 1.22V
Chip Set: 1.54V
DRAM 2.5V: 2.69V

The controls are set at as follows:
LDT: 1.2V
Chip Set: 1.5V
DRAM: 2.6V

The Temp read out is:
CPU Core: 33
PWM Area: 39
Chip Set: 42
GPU Core: 56

if its a problem with the voltage, please recommend what to set it to since i am a complete noob, as you can tell

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