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problem with video while playing games..

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I started Left4Dead and the game is just flashing green. I can see the menus and actually play the game. But the whole screen is green and some colors are distorted.

Did one of my video cards take a dump?
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no, try a newer driver and see if it's fix
Driver update is in order Id say.
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do you know how old the newest driver is? I was just playing hawx demo and it worked perfect.

I just turned it on today to play and installed a new campaign for leftfordead. could the files in steamapps cause this problem. I deleted them already and it persists with the green screen.

I opened GRAW2 and same green screen, then I tried Empire:Total War and it looks perfectly fine.
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well it did end up being the driver. I hadn't notice that there was a new one released on march 3, 2009.

Thanks, it fixed the problem completely.

I also read performance boost for certain games that comes with it.
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