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Problems Pushing my E7400

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Hey OCN,
My problem is, I can't push my processor past 3.5GHz, no matter what combinations of FSB and multi's I try. I had it get as far as the Vista boot logo, but then blue screened on me. That was with a 3.8GHz clock. Any suggestions? I've attached pictures of temps, the CPU-Z, all while running Prime95 on it. Any help would be much appreciated!
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generally, e7x00 needs more voltages than the e8x00 series. an e8400 only needs 1.29-1.34 to hit 4.0 whereas an e7x00 need about 1.38-1.42 to hit 4.0. believe me, if you want to get 3.8+, you'll need to bump ur vcore 1.38+ provided you have a motherboard that has less vdroop
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