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Everything works fine when it actually works. I like to switch from my monitor (DVI cable) to my TV (HDMI cable) for Steam's big picture mode. The problem is that it is always a cluster F to get it all working right. Most of the time I have to mess with the resolution and displays on the "screen resolution" on my desktop for it to work, and then if I want to change the channel to watch tv and then come back to the game, it makes the "disconnected hardware" noise and I have to get up and mess with it all over again.

Isn't there a way for it to remember the settings I have so when I switch displays everything is automatic?

Also, my monitor is 60 hz and my tv is 120 hz. Do I have to do anything for it to run things at 120 hz?

I have a Sapphire Radeon 6850 and I am upgrading to a 7870 when it gets here in the mail.
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