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Hi all, I'm building a system based on a MSI Neo 2 platinum, a winchester 3500 cooled by an XP-90+Enermax 9cm fan, and four memory modules Corsair XMS 400mhz cas 2-2-2 of 512mb each (a total of 2 GB). The power supply is a OCZ Powerstream 520w, and the hard disk is a 400Gb stripe array created with 2 Western Digital 200 gb SATA, connected to the 3 and 4 conector of the board.

I flashed the bios to an unofficial one that has been reccomended to me in some forums (a called 1.5x or something like this).

My big problem is that the memory looks to be lazy, and don't wanna go high. I have get only 221 mhz for the memory at the maximum voltage that board allow me (2,85v), I hoped at least 250 mhz from it, but from 221-225 mhz it becomes unstable in Super PI, even uppering the latencies to cas 2,5-4-4 (in fact using higher latencies don't seem to help in archieving higher memory speeds, so I have now 221 mhz at cas 2-2-2.

I have been told that the problem is the fact of having 4 modules, and that if i would have only 2, it would go much higher. Does anyone know something about it?

The computer is not for me (is for a friend and we have to give it to him next monday!), and I would like to take out it all the possible performance.

The values of the core menu in the bios are (at the moment):

DRAM configuration:
Max Memclock: 166
1T/2T Memory timing - Auto
Cas Latency - 2
Ras to cas - 2
Min Ras active time - 5
Row Precharge Time - 2
High Performance mode: MANUAL
NV/ATI speed up: AUTO
aggressive chipset timings: disable
Dram Drive Streght: NORMAL
HT Frequency: 4X
Cool and Quiet: DISABLED
PCI clock auto detect: DISABLED
Adjust CPU Ratio: 8x
Adjust FSB: 266
Adjust AGP: 67
Adjust CPU VID: auto
CPU Voltaje: auto
Memory Voltage: 2,85v
AGP Voltaje: 1,5v

In this way I've get 266 mhz bus and 221 memory (266 needed to archieve decent CPU speeds when overclocking it). Prime 95 + Super Pi tested during 10 hours.

Bus speeds like 275 are not stable, even lowering HT bus to 3x.

I tried with synchronous bus, and as i told, the max stable was 221-225 mhz, this is the reason of i would go to higher bus frecuencies and memory at 166.

Now, leaving the memory like this, I have start with the cpu:

Firstly I tried 266*10 (2,66 ghz) but didn't work
. Even at the max vcore the bios allow me it doesn't boot WinXP. Then I lowered bus to 260 (memory 216), and tried 260*10 (2,6 ghz), having the same results (even at 1,6v don't work).

Then, I didn't want to lower the bus from 260, because i don't want to sacrifice more memory performance, and tried 266*9,5 (2526 mhz) and seems to be stable at vcore default+8%, but althought is an advantage a moderated vcore, this speeds doesn't satisfy me, and I would like 2,6 true Ghz.

NOTE: The max vcore offered by bios is 1,55v + 10%, that should be 1,705v, but it really get 1,6 (I think due to be a Winchester and not a Newcastle).


To sum up:

-The behaviour of the memory is stranger, since seems to have the same maximum speed (mhz) at cas 2-2-2 than at cas 2,5-4-4-11. It make me suspect i'm not finding the top of the memory, but something is making me have this limit of 221-225 mhz for the memory.

-MemTest is stable even with the memory at 250 mhz, but super pi fails at 225, giving the "Not exact in round" error or even shutting down the computer (just like if i would suddently disconnect the power cord from the PSU) -I really don't understand it, have search in the bios for some temperature security limit and have find nothing-

Can someone help me? Is there any way to make the memory go higher?, do you think 2,52 ghz is acceptable for a winchester? could I get 2,6 doing something?

Thank you very much to all.

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First, Corsair XMS is not that great for OC'ing. I suggest you try loosening your timmings to 3-4-4-10 and up the voltage to 2.85. And make sure that your AGP/PCI lock is enabled. This sounds like a classic case of PCI/AGP not being locked.... I am not an expert with the Hypertransport, so not help there. Running a memory divider is never any good, unless you are just testing your Max OC for the CPU. You need to keep your RAM and FSB at 1:1. I say make sure that you have the PCI/AGP clock-locked and loosen your timmings. Also 4 sticks are harder to OC than 2 sticks. Try using 1 or 2 sticks and see if you get better results. Remember that all memory is not created equal......
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