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I'm not really sure why this has happened- I haven't done any serious changes to my iPod or computer, hardware or software. My iPod is working just fine, except Windows and iTunes does not recognize it.

In device manager, it comes up under USB Controllers-> Apple Mobile Device USB Driver (with an exclamation point) or as Unknown Device (also with an exclamation point).

I have tried reinstalling the driver software (uninstall -> scan for new hardware)
I have tried updating the driver software manually from
C:\\System\\inf -code 43, windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems
C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Apple\\Mobile Device Support\\Drivers\\usbaapl64.inf
the 4 drivers that appear (iPod USB, Mobile Device USB, Recovery (DFU), and Recovery (iBoot) give me code 10 errors (device cannot start).

I have tried the above in normal mode, DFU mode (blank screen), and recovery mode (connect to iTunes screen).

I have completely uninstalled all Apple products and reinstalled with all apps up to date.

I have tried the above on different computers with iTunes 10 and on different USB ports.

My iPod can be charged from a regular outlet.

I've followed the following:

As a last resort I will reset the iPod from Settings-> General ->Reset ->Erase All Content and Settings, but like I said, I can still download new apps and listen to my music from my iPod.

I'm running iOS 4.0, Windows 7.

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I hate when this happens.

Try a different PC.
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