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Hello Hello, I'm not sure if this only applies to computer programming but I have a question in trying to program a TI-83 plus.

So I have this formula:

Y = ((height + distance) x 1.25) x (2 - power) +/- wind)

Y is the final result of power.

I've been able to program everything up till the last "+/- wind," part.

There is 2 options to that part. If the wind is against me, then I have to take the wind value and divide it by 3 and add it to Y.

If the wind is a tailwind, then I have to take the wind value and then divide by 6 and subtract it from Y.

How would I go about adding the two options into the TI-83 plus? Should I use the If and Then command?

Any help would be appreciative!

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Initally store the wind value (+/-) into let's say W.
whatever -> W
If (W>0) tailwind...right? if not it's <
W*-2 -> W
W/6 -> W
Y+W -> Y

That was a complete blurt, make what you can out of it...
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