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hey everyone, i wanted to ask if anyone could help me in programming, i need to know what is better to lear, C++ or .Net? also if you could help me i need either PDF on those books that are good for learning these languages please. basically the programming for linux and microsoft
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Well, .NET isn't really a language. It's a framework. Think of it like a library for programs.

C++ is probably the best to learn if you really want to understand programming.

Java is the best marketable skill right now.
do you have any Pdfs that teach you how to use C++ and Java?
I don't personally, but it should be hard to find documentation. If you want to do C++ using the .NET framework, using Windows I'm assuming, you can download Visual Studios Express from Microsofts website.
C# + .net: easiest to get into
java: big money, but a steep learning curve to do more than just the lanquage and a lot to hold in your head to do enterprise work.
I forgot about C#...

C# is Microsofts "answer" to Java after Sun sued them for breaching their contract. Personally, I see C# as a fad. Java is probably here to stay because it runs independently of the platform (even though its SO SLOW) and C and C++ aren't going anywhere.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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