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Programs taking forever to open nothing appears to be using anything

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Well I got home today and comp is doing something weird, Starts up normally and as fast as usual but once i try to open something it takes about 5 min, it does eventually open it however.

Looking in task manager nothing is using cpu time or a crazy amount of memory...

Any ideas? rep for help
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Restart your computer. Look in your startup programs to make sure you dont have everything come on at startup. If its still slow scan for viruses and if all else fails reformat.
I have restarted, nothing in start appeared unusual, scanned with avast, spybot, malewarebytes, windowsdefender
Which programs are they that dont work? Perhaps you can reinstall them or use a registry cleaner help speed things up.
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its everything, from firefox to calculator to aim to games
Does reinstalling fix them or no? Try CCleaner I think that was the one I used but I forget its been a while.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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