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Project: Aquarius... Mini Watercooled Monster (56k Fail)

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Current Status

4870x2 Accommodation

CheckerCube 2215 MiniITX case
Zotac MiniITX 9300 S775 Motherboard WiFi
Watercooled 4870x2 (EK-FC4870X2)
Intel Core 2 Duo E2200 (will be upgraded)
Inwin Commander 850w Modular PSU
2x120 Black Ice Pro
2x Panaflo's 100+ CFM Fans
Dremel Cutting Wheels
Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller

Additional Parts
2x 90 Degree L Cubes
2x G1/4 Male Male Adaptor
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Before starting, I'm going to thank oliverw92 for the idea of a tiny watercooled computer
. What I'm going to do is similar in a few ways, but different in others. First huge difference, I'm not going to be fabricating the case myself, mainly due to the fact that I'm not that good at it and I don't have that many tools. I decided to start on this because yesterday, I finally got a dremel (like tool) yestarday
. You veteran case modders are gonna say about time
. The next difference, also big, it will house a 4870x2. Yeah its 10.5 inches long, yeah the case is like 12", I'll make it work

Anyway, the starting case will be a CheckerCube 2215 I got from another OCN'er. I'll be using the same motherboard as in project MiniMe as well, the ZOTAC GF9300-G-E. I'm going to try and implement a 850watt ATX power supply into this project... Crazy? Yes. Implementable?? If you nice people help me a little
. Enough with the words, here comes the pictures!

Here's the victim to the project

The radiator will be like this, maybe it will have to be not on the surface and exhaust air out the side instead of into the case since the CD drive will essentially block all the air coming out of the radiator.


See this video card? Take a guess at what it is. It's broken, but I have another one in my current sig rig

The bottom CD Drive frame is in the way

This won't run a 4870x2, hence the need for my 850w to be in here. I'm considering really long case feet with space for the power supply underneath

Back panel.

This won't be that fast of a moving project. The motherboard won't come until around after Thanksgiving probably (Black Friday
). I will also have to trade my D5 for a DDC here on OCN as the D5 won't fit.
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I hope I've not interrupted a reserve space?

If not, looks like an interesting project, subbed.

Try to get some sponsors as I'm sure you could with an interesting project like this, best of luck
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Nah I don't really need any sponsors. It won't be super intricate like olivers with the fan controllers or anything, but decorations would be nice. I have no idea how to get sponsors, just for the record I'm 14 and just a freshman in high school
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I started to cut the case in order to accommodate a 4870x2, and I lose one of the 5.25 bays, but I still have another
. I actually do not plan to install an internal DVD drive and install the pump in that spot. The good thing about this is that I will be able to use my current D5 if it is tilted on its side.

The 4870x2 has about 1-2mm before making contact with the case
. I'll probably give it more space some other time, since I ran out of cutting wheels
. I also realized that the extended part of the waterblock also needs to get cut out, so that will be done as well.

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It fits!

Nice work but try to keep it smooth looking rather than a jagged rambo attempt of cutting, no offence
. Keep working to get more than 2mm distance between the case and the card, could cause a short-circuit, I think.
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