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[Project] BlackBox (Acrylic TechStation-Tower Fusion)

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BlackBox is the result of 8 months of work. It was voted #1 Mod of the Month in May, 2009. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy what you see here!

In the second post you will find a Table of Contents with links to each update, as well as a Bill of Materials.

Here is a taste of what lies ahead in this log:

BlackBox in Various States of Completion:

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Table of Contents
1. First Post
2. This Post
3. Introduction
4. Sneak Peek of Final Design
5. Final Case Design(Google Sketchup File Attached)
6. Acrylic Arrival
7. Method of Sanding and Polishing
8. First Sleeving Attempt and Acrylic cut with Table Saw
9.Cubes Drilled and Tapped
10. Drilled and Tapped Motherboard Tray
11. Starting the CD/5.25" Drive Cage
12. Starting the Hard Drive Cage
13. Cutting Small Pieces for Custom Acrylic Shrouds
14. Sneak Peek of First Mock-up
15. 4.5" Hole Saw Tests
16. Pieces for Shroud Cut and Shroud Feet Polished
17. Shroud Assembly Begins
18. CR Gives Four Thumbs

19. More Shroud Assembly
20. Shrouds Completed
21. How to: Cutting 4.5" Holes in Acrylic with a Hole Saw
22. More 4.5" Holes Cut in Case Panels
23. Router Tests
24. Router Templates and Interior Routing
25. More Interior Routing
26. Routed I/O Shield Opening and Mock-up
27. Re-Routing Edges and Fixing Mistakes
28. Pump Mount and CCFL Test
29. Mounting CD and HDD cages
30. Cathodes + Radiator =

31. Glimpse of Cable Management Holes Around Motherboard Tray
32. Experiment: Sanding and Polishing a Poorly Routed Edge
33. Cable Management Holes, Reservoir Mounting, Destruction and Repair of Pump Mount
34. Syrillian Gives Approval
35. Dry Mount of Waterblocks, Cutting and Routing Tubing
36. Polishing of Base and Installation of Case Feet
37. Polishing of Left Case Panel
38. Polishing of Rear Case Panel
39. Front Panel Polished and Installed, Outer Case Shell Mock-up
40. Paper Backing Removed from Interior(black) Panels, Another Mock-up
41. More Mock-up Pictures
42. Mock-up that won the May MOTM
43. CD Drops by for a Visit
44. Cathode Holder/Light-Bar Construction Begins
45. First Cathode Holder Nearly Complete
46. Completed UV Light-Bars(lots of good night shots of motherboard/tubing mock-up)
47. Construction of Cable Management Cubes and Adding Supports to the BB Panels
48. CD Faceplate
49. Repairs and Solvent Welding
50. Mock-up with and Closer Look at Light-Bar Holders
51. Faceplate Mounting, Mystery Holes, Polishing, Paper Removal and Mock-up
52. Lapping and Waterblock Installation
53. Custom Scratch Built Light Controller Board
54. LEDs and LED Wheel
55. Pictures of LED Wheel in Action
56. Fan Controller Board, Custom Wiring and Sleeving
57. New(Second) Light Controller Board, LED Wheel Installation
58. Radiator Lighting and Night Shots
59. Beginning Final Assembly
60. Night Pictures after "Final Assembly"
61. Pictures of the Inside of BB(the hidden middle section) and some Day Shots
62. Light Switch, Cathode Installation, Radiator Filter Installation
63. Quick Overclocking
64. GPU Load Temps and 48 Hrs. Prime95 Stable
65. Photo-Shoot

Bill of Materials

1x ASUS 22X DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model DRW-22B1LT - Retail $27.99
1x EDIMAX EW-7128G PCI Wireless Card - Retail $19.99
1x CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066 TWIN2X4096-8500C5D - Retail $59.99 after rebate
1x 120mm Scythe SFF21G S-FLEX™ Case Fan (75.0 CFM/34.0 dBA) $13.99
1x 120mm Yate Loon D12SM-12 Case Fan - Black (70.5 CFM, 33 dBA) $5.95
7x 120mm Plastic Fan Filter - Black $13.93
1x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 12" X 12", Bronze (Same as 8505K91) From McMaster-Carr $7.33
1x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 12" X 12", Gray (Same as 8505K91) From McMaster-Carr $7.33
1x Scythe SFF21F 63 CFM S-FLEX 120mm Quiet FAN by Sony $14.95
1x Black Nylon 1/2in. Barbed Equal Tee Fitting $1.35
2x Bitspower Anti-Vibration Silicon pads - Universal-Mini $7
1x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 12" X 12", Black (Same as 8505K91) $7.33

Plastic/Acrylic Supplies from San Diego Plastics(Most of these are made or sold by Craftics):
Saw Blade, Circular 7.25" P/N 1106064 $56
Corner-Rounding bit 1/4 CED OAL 1-29/32 P/N 42-02 $35.75
Plasticator Bottle 27 GA, 1/2 OZ P/N 1106046 $2.20
Double Edge Upcut Bit OAL 2-1/2 P/N 52-622 $20
Edge Scraper P/N 1106020 $9.76
Weld On #3, Pint P/N 45090240 $12
Arbor Adapter 1/2 P/N 1106053 $4.8
Buffing Kit P/N 1106019 $9.6
Large Buffing Wheel 6 dia x 5/8 hole P/N 1106758 $7.5
Pink Rouge 2lb bar P/N 1106767 $10.12

1x Modular I/O Panel (Brushed ALU) $19.99
2x Elegant Anodized Aluminum Covered Case Feet (4/pkg) - Shiny Gold $13.9
1x A.C. Ryan TWIN Overboost Dual 12" CCFL Light - UV $14.95
1x A.C. Ryan TWIN Overboost Dual 4" CCFL Light - UV $12.95
1x A.C. Ryan AcrylPanelT 5mm - 480x480mm UV Green $19.95
1x Professional Hardware Assortment Pack $9.95
1x Wire Sleeving Kit - Black $7.99
4x Swiftech HydrX Extreme Duty Coolant $11.96
10x 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) Feser Flexible PVC Tubing - UV Acid Green $27.5
2x Swiftech MCW60-R2 GPU Waterblock $93.9
1x Logisys 12" Dual Cold Cathode Kit - Green $5.75
7x Scythe SFF21G 75 CFM S-FLEX 120mm FAN by Sony $91
2x Swiftech MC21 Mosfet Heatsinks for VCore SMC $13
2x Swiftech MC14 BGA Memory Ramsinks w/Thermattach T411 Tape $26.5
1x Feser X-Changer QUAD 480 Extreme Performance Radiator $163.95
6x Breeze Miniature Hose Clamp 7/16 in. to 25/32 in. $2.34
1x Aqua Computer Ball valve internal thread G 1/4 without fittings $6.5
12x 3-pin Male Header $3
6x Swiftech High Flow Fittings 1/4in BSPP thread to 1/2in ID Barb $13.5
1x Creative X-Fi Titanium $84.99
1x Novus #1 Plastic Clean & Shine $6.95
1x Clean-Rite Microfiber Cleaning Towels 12-pack $12.88
2x Silverhill Milled Aluminum Guitar Knob, Pack of 3, Black Anodized $10
4x 120 mm Fan Grill - Chrome $5.96
1x Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Blue Ring $16.95
1x Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Green Dot $16.95
4x 25 ohm 3W Pot $15.96
1x Clear Cast Acrylic Rod 1" Diameter $6.45
18x Clear Cast Acrylic Cube 1" Square $22.68
1x Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 24" X 48" $48.86
2x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 24" X 36", Gray (Same as 8505K95) $87.82
1x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .236" Thick, 24" X 36", Black (Same as 8505K95) $43.91
2x Colored Cast Acrylic Sheet .118" Thick, 24" X 24", Black (Same as 8505K14) $41.08

Updated 5/16/09
Radioshack Heatshrink Tubing and PC Board ~$12
Home Depot 6-32 screws ~$20
Lowes 4.5" Hole Saw ~$40

Updated 6/18/09
8x 120mm Sound Vibration Dampener $14.32
1x 24" SATA II Cable - Black w/ Locking Latch $4.25

4x Easy-Cut Polyester Expandable Mesh Sleeving 1/8" ID, 1/8" to 1/4" Bundle Dia, 10'L, Black $14.60
1x Harsh Environment Kynar Heat-Shrink Tubing 3/16" ID Before, 3/32" ID After, 48" Length, Black, Each of 48 In. (Same as 6823K29) $6.38
1x Ticn-Coated High-Speed Stl Spiral Point Tap 6-32, H3 Pitch Dia, 2 Flute $8.48
1x Metric Class 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw Alloy Stl, M3 Thread, 10mm Length, 0.50mm Pitch, Packs of 100 $4.48
1x Black Oxide 18-8 SS Socket Head Cap Screw 6-32 Thread, 3/8" Length, Packs of 50 (Same as 96006A555) $5.37
1x Alloy Steel Flat Head Socket Cap Screw 6-32 Thread, 1-3/4" Length, Black Oxide, Packs of 25 $9.54
1x Inch Hex L-Key Short-Arm, 5/64" Hex, 2" Length $0.14
1x Inch Hex L-Key Long-Arm, 5/64" Hex, 3-1/4" Length $0.18
1x Inch Hex L-Key Short-Arm, 7/64" Hex, 2-3/16" Length $0.17
1x Inch Hex L-Key Long-Arm, 7/64" Hex, 3-11/16" Length $0.25
1x Short-Arm Metric Hex L-Key 2.5 mm Hex, 2-3/16" Length $0.14
1x Long-Arm Metric Hex L-Key 2.5 mm Hex, 3-9/16" Length $0.35
1x Black-Oxide 18-8 SS Machine Screw Hex Nut 6-32 Thread Size, 5/16" Width, 7/64" Height, Packs of 100 $5.61
1x Black-Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw 6-32 Thread, 1-1/4" Length, Packs of 50 $6.74
2x Plain Steel Threaded Rod 6-32 Thread, 2' Length $1.50
1x Black Oxide 18-8 SS Socket Head Cap Screw 6-32 Thread, 3/4" Length, Packs of 50 (Same as 96006A555) $6.82

2x 1/4Watt Metal Film Resistors 1/4 WATT 390 OHM 1% $0.10
41x 1/4WATT Metal Film Resistors 1/4watt 470ohms 2% Rated to 1/2watt $1.64
10x Class 1 Ceramic Disc Capacitors - Tape/Box 50V 22pF NPO 5% Tol $0.60
5x HC49/US MHz Range Metal Can Crystals +/-20ppm 7.3728MHZ FUNDAMENTAL $1.95
2x LED Super Bright White Water Clear 7150mcd min. $2.36
2x LEDs - Thru-hole Blue 475nm 600 mcd $2.14
5x LED Standard GREEN WATER CLEAR $3.95
8x LED Super Bright T-1 3/4 GRN CLR 12DG $1.76
2x LEDs - Thru-hole Green 526nm 3000 mcd $2.38
8x LEDs Standard Blue Diffused 462nm 1500mcd $2.32
8x LEDs Standard Blue Water Clear 465nm 1000mcd $2.40

Updated 7/15/09

Radioshack: $16.54
1x Desolder Braid $3.99
1x 75' #22 Stranded Wire $5.99
1x 4-Pack Hook-and-Loop Fastener $3.49
1x PC Board $1.99
Tax $1.08
Performance-PCs: $21.87
Bitspower Anti-Vibration Ridged M3/M4 Screw Washers (Set of 20) - Black $11.97
1x Conductx™ CCFL Extension 30cm, UVgreen $2.95
Shipping $6.95
McMaster: $44.35
Stranded Single-conductor Wire, Ul 1007/1569, 26 Awg, 300 Vac, Black, 100' Length $6.56
1x STRANDED SINGLE-CONDUCTOR WIRE, UL 1007/1569, 26 AWG, 300 VAC, RED, 100' LENGTH $6.56
Tax $2.90
Shipping $4.75
Fry's: $12.31
1x Elenco 9830C Breadboard $5.99
Shipping $6.32
Mouser: $72.73
2.54mm M20 PC Tail Connectors 10 SIL VERTICAL PIN HEADER TIN $2.40
5x Linear Regulators 3A 2% OUTPUT TOL 3-TERMINAL $1.20
10x Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - 105 Degree 470UF 10V $0.90
2x MOSFETs - Enhancement Mode N-Channel N-CHNL MOSFET ENHANCEMENT-MODE $9.90
50x .156 K.K. Connectors TERMINAL 22-26 BULK $2.50
25x .100 K.K. Connectors HSG 2P WITH LKG RAMP $2.75
10x 2.54mm M20 PC Tail Connectors 12 SIL HORIZONTAL PIN HEADER GOLD HT $3.20
50x 1/4Watt Metal Film Resistors 1/4W 39.2 ohm 1% $2.50
8x LEDs - Thru-hole Blue 475nm 600 mcd $8.56
16x LEDs - Thru-hole Green 526nm 3000 mcd $17.76
5x Heatsink TO-220 VERT MT 1 $6.00
1x Linear Regulators Positive adj Reg 3Terminal $0.43
50x Small Signal Transistors NPN/40V/100mA/4.7K $2.35
Shipping $7.52
Tax $4.76
Microchip: $18.43
MCP23S18-E/SP $3.20
2x MCP23018-E/SP $3.02
Shipping $6.78
Tax $0.43
McMaster(Second Order): $17.22
1x P/N 7345K22
Tax $1.12
Shipping $4.75
Radioshack(Online): $17.92
14-Pin Retention Contact $5.94
1x Multipurpose PC Board with 417 Holes $1.99
1x D-Sub Pin Crimper $9.99
Shipping $6.05
Tax $1.68
Price Breakdown

Acrylic: $292.74
Sheets $263.61
Cubes $22.68
Rods $6.45
Case Hardware: $217.26
I/O Panel$19.99
Case Feet$13.90
Fan Filters and Grills$19.89
Anti-vibration Pads$33.29
Guitar Knobs$10
Case Switches$33.90
Mod Supplies: $66.31
Heat Shrink$14.38
Fasteners $14.84
Cables $7.20
Cooling: $492.39
Radiator $163.95
Fittings/Tube Clamps/Valves$23.69
Computer Hardware(upgrades): $192.96
DVD Drive$27.99
Wireless Card$19.99
Sound Card$84.99
Lighting: $79.60
Electronics: $100.69
Transistors and IC's $20.10
Connectors and Sockets $19.79
Wires $19.11
Boards $13.95
Soldering Related $3.99
Tools: $247.26
Cutting Tools$151.75
Gluing Supplies$14.20
Polishing Supplies41.78
Cleaning Supplies$19.83
Hex Keys$1.23
Crimping Tool $9.99
Fees: $277.55
Total Cost of Project(No Tools): $1719.50
Total Cost of Project(Including Tools): $1966.76
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[Preservation of Original Post]


Hi everyone! Although I've been a member on OCN since 2006, I've only recently become active on the forum and this is my first thread here. I hope you all enjoy it!


First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has posted a work log or guide on OCN. I've spent many hours reading through entire threads looking at your work, and I've seen some amazing things and learned more than I could possibly imagine. Now it's my turn to make a contribution of my own.

Before I get to the project, you should all know that this is my first mod and I have very little power tool experience. I will be doing many things for the first time. But that only means I will have more opportunities to learn.

Finally, I'd like to give a special thanks to CyberDruid and Syrillian. Your work has especially inspired me, and the two of you are largely responsible for my motivation to do this project.

This case will be for my sig rig; I will not be building a new computer. Here's a picture of my sig rig from last summer.

Sig rig at the start of this project:
Gigabyte X38-DS4
Intel Q6600
Corsair 750TX
Corsair 2x1GB XMS2 DDR2 800
Asus EAH3870
Hitachi P7k500 320GB
Creative Audigy SE
Sony CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive
NZXT Nemesis Elite

I also own a Sapphire 3870, which is not installed because it will not fit in my case.

Existing Loop:
Swiftech Apogee GTX
Swiftech MCP655
Swiftech MicroRes (Rev 1)
Swiftech HydrX
Swiftech MCR320-QP
Swiftech Radbox
Tygon R3603 1/2" ID 5/8" OD
Swiftech Coolsleeves 625 UV Blue
Breeze Miniature Hose Clamps (Yes, some people still use hose clamps in their computers

Project BlackBox

OK, enough with the introduction, on with the project details! I will be attempting to build an all acrylic case from scratch. I have no experience working with acrylic, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

The design I have settled on resembles a tech station. However, I am building a fully enclosed case- not a tech station.

The case will be roughly 24? x 12? x 20?. It will be somewhat of a cross between a tower and a tech station. At the bottom I will put my radiator and pump. Suspended above that will be a large box made of black acrylic which will house the power supply, cd drives, and four 3.5? bays, as well as almost all the cables. I will mount the motherboard and hard drive on top of the blackbox, with my microRes somewhere in the upper section. That is the general idea of my Blackbox case. Here are some Sketchup drawings:

The Planning Phase

I will do my best to reproduce my thoughts from the planning phase of my project here for all of you to see. If nothing else, this should explain why I chose to do things the way I did.

I've spent the last two months thinking about different designs. So far I have gone through four or five different revisions, and I must say that Google Sketchup is a great help in that regard. A number of times during the planning phase, I thought I had everything figured out and was ready to order the acrylic and get to work. But after putting the design into Sketchup, there were things I was not quite satisfied with. Even though I have no modding experience I feel as if I've already built a handful of cases, just by having designed them in Google Sketchup. The most important thing to keep in mind when using sketchup is to make everything to scale and use exact dimensions. Doing this will prevent surprises when you go to install hardware in your scratch built case.

When I first sat down to think about designs, I started by considering what I will need to fit in my case. Since I only use one CD drive and one hard drive, I figured I could cut back on the drive bays to save space for a radiator. Just in case I want to add a second 5.25? device, I decided my case should have at least two 5.25? bays. For hard drives I thought I should have a place to mount a primary 3.5? drive, and if possible a collection of 3.5? bays just in case I ever want to setup a RAID array or add storage. Also, I have been considering upgrading to the Feser Quad 480 rad for a while now and I wanted to be able to fit that in my case along with my mcp655 pump and microRes.

Next I decided to write out all my goals/requirements for the case design. Unfortunately I do not have my original list to include here. It was at this point that I started to think about things such as cable routing/management, air flow, etc.

After this I thought about what hardware I wanted to be able to see, and more importantly what hardware I did not want to see. I decided that I want my motherboard, hard drive, and as much of my water loop as possible to be clearly visible. Everything else will be placed in a box of opaque black acrylic, where no one will see it.

Hmm... sounds kind of like... a blackbox!

I spent a long time trying to decide on motherboard orientation. I really like the horizontal tech station style layout. It makes more of the motherboard visible and gives better support to heatsinks and expansion cards. At first, when I was unsure what I would do about a motherboard I/O shield, I decided it was mandatory to mount the motherboard horizontally in case I did not find a good way to support the PCI/PCIe expansion cards. Later, after solving the issue, I considered mounting the motherboard vertically like in a standard ATX case, but I decided to stick with the horizontal layout because I was happy with the design and switching to a vertical mount would require a complete redesign.

For radiator placement, I had a lot of requirements and there was really only one place I considered putting it. First of all, I wanted my radiator to take in cool air directly from outside the case; in other words, my radiator had to be mounted on the case air intake. Second, the radiator must be easy to fill and drain. For this reason my radiator must be mounted sideways. Yes, the Feser quad has a bleed screw so it could be bled in a vertical position. But ideally I would like to be able to fill the majority of my loop by gravity without the assistance of a pump, and I would also like to be able to use a rad that does not have a bleed screw in case I decide to use a different rad. In the end, I chose to mount my rad horizontally at the bottom of my case like I had seen other people do.

Getting Started

The first things I ordered were a couple of upgrades for my sig rig. I bought a DVD burner combo drive, a new wireless card, and some Corsair Dominator ram.

Next I ordered a couple sample pieces of acrylic from McMaster-Carr. I was still having trouble deciding on which color/tint acrylic to use, and I wanted to see McMaster-Carr's acrylic before placing a large acrylic order with them. Here are two 1-square-foot tiles, one gray and the other bronze. They are both .236" (roughly 1/4") thick.

While I liked both panels, I still needed something darker and more opaque, so I ordered another piece in opaque black. Here is the black sheet:

Fan Selection Process

Next I sampled some fans because I was having a hard time deciding which fan(s) to use. I want moderate to high air flow with low volume levels, and since I will be putting most of the fans on a radiator they will need high static pressure. I already had two Scythe S-Flex 1200rpm fans which are incredibly quiet, but do not move as much air as I would like. After reading reviews and fan comparisons, as well as listening to a collection of recordings, I narrowed down my choices to the Scythe S-Flex and the Yate Loon fans. So I ordered one of each, as well as seven fan filters from Petra's Tech Shop. Each bag has two filters in it.

The air filters, while not the best looking, are fairly cheap and work extremely well. I compared the SFlex SFF21G to the Yate Loon D12SM, which I must admit was a completely subjective test and no objective measurements were made. The YL is definitely a nice fan, but there were a few things I did not like. It seemed significantly noisier than the SFlex fans when undervolted, and it seemed to have significantly less static pressure. Placing one of the fan filters over the YL's air intake severely reduced the airflow.

On the other hand, the SFlex SFF21G seemed louder than the YL at full speed (12 volts). But the noise was not the fan- it was the rush of air that was making the noise. The SFlex SFF21G moves a lot more air than the YL. An addition of an air filter has little effect on the SFlex, and the SFlex moves more air than the YL at the same noise level(undervolted) as the YL at both high, medium, and low voltages.

Something you probably all know is that there is a large price gap between the two fans- the SFlex fans cost about $13 in high volume whereas the YL fans cost about $5 in bulk. My case will probably have twelve 120mm fans, so the difference really adds up! I was hoping that the YL would be close enough to the SFlex that I would not be able to justify paying for the SFlex fans, but sadly this was not the case. However, the fan search did not end there; I wanted to compare the SFlex SFF12G to the SFF12F, which runs at a lower rpm, is more quiet, and moves less air.

So then I went to Sidewinder Computers, where I ordered the parts for my existing water loop. I bought an SFlex SFF21F fan to compare to the SFF21G I bought from Petra's. I also ordered nylon Tee fitting with 1/2" barbs to use for a drain line(which my existing loop does not have), and I ordered some anti vibration pads to use with fans to keep the noise level down.

After subjectively comparing the SFlex SFF21G to the SFF21F, I decided to use SFF21G fans for my radiator. The two fans have similar airflow/noise ratios and they are pretty much the same except the SFF21G has a higher top speed and low speed. While it is louder than the SFF21F when both are at their lowest speed, but the SFF21G is still nearly silent. However, when run at full speed, the SFF21G seems to move a LOT more air than the SFF21F. Since I'm paying a lot for these fans, I settled with the highest performing one(SFF21G) because I want these fans to last a long time and I feared that in the future I may want more airflow and regret going with SFF21F. Also, I'd like to note that at 12 volts, the SFF21F seem to move more air than the YL D12SM, at a lower volume level, and with more static pressure. Again, please note that all this testing was entirely subjective and I have nothing to back up my claims about these fans.

Once I made up my mind about the fans, I was ready to place a few more orders.
I decided to get the Feser Quad 480 rad. I will be adding both my 3870's to the loop, and my Swiftech MCR320 has been struggling just to keep the water temp down with just my Q6600. I will be putting 8 fans on the Feser quad in push/pull, with shrouds.
Both GPU's and the CPU will be in the same loop. I have chosen the Swiftech MCW60-R2 as my GPU block for a couple reasons. First of all, it is an excellent block at a fair price. It also offers low restriction, which makes it perfect for putting in the same look with my CPU. Since the MCW60 and Feser quad are very non-restrictive, my Swiftech MCP655 pump should have no trouble moving water through the loop with a decent flow rate. Finally, one of the biggest reasons I chose the MCW60 over a full cover waterblock is that it is universal, as far as a universal gpu block goes. I am hoping this new loop will last a long time and that I will be able to upgrade my graphics cards without buying new blocks. Here is what came from Sidewinder Computers today:

EEE PC 901 vs. Feser Quad

In these pictures are my new Feser quad
, 7 more Sflex SFF21G fans
, ram and mosfet sinks for my 3870's, some fittings, a ball valve(to use with the Tee fitting to make draining the loop easier), some hose clamps, and fan headers. Note that I still have no MCW60 GPU blocks- Sidewinder was sold out and I ordered them from Petra's along with a few other things.

And finally, this came yesterday:

Check out what came last night...

So now that the Performance-PCs order has arrived, I'm still waiting on the Petra's, MountainMod's, and SDPlastics' orders.

I've been busy with sketchup the last couple days and I think I've finished the radiator shrouds. They will be made from 1/8" acrylic, probably black. The sketchup file is attached for those interested.

One of the shrouds is wider on one end because the fan filters I have are slightly larger than 120mm and the intake fans need to be spaced further apart than the standard Feser/Swiftech fan spacing.

Sneak Peek of Final Design
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I'm working on a more detailed sketchup of the entire case which I hope to have finished by the end of the day.
Shroud Designs

Here's a teaser for you guys.
I still have a lot left to add to the sketch, but this is taking forever. From this angle you are looking at the back of the case.

Final Case Design(Google Sketchup File Attached)
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hmm caint wait to see actual pics of it.... that is going to be sweet..
Looks great!

And like to see people using sketch up so well - I wish I could
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Originally Posted by EuroFix View Post
Looks great!

And like to see people using sketch up so well - I wish I could

I'm sure you could if you tried. I had a lot of trouble myself when I was first getting started with sketchup. Heck, I still struggle with it
- I haven't figured out a good way to do roundovers on edges yet. If you put some time into it(and it can take a lot of time
) you can do some great things with sketchup.
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You took my case log name lol. Its whatever, great minds think alike i guess.
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It looks pretty sick! I cant wait to see it done.

Originally Posted by TaT3rs View Post
You took my case log name lol. Its whatever, great minds think alike i guess.

Sorry about that. I thought I saw a project named blackbox about a month ago, and I remember it because I was upset when I saw it because that's what I named mine when I started designing it back in January. Before starting this thread I used the OCN forum search function as well as google to see if anyone else had already taken the name and I didn't get any hits so I decided to keep the name.

Anyway, it seems you named your log "Black Box" and my project is called "Blackbox" so there is a (very) subtle difference between the two.

In other news the box from Petra's arrived today with two MCW60's, 10 feet of Feser UV green tubing, four bottles of HydrX, and a set of green ccfl's. Also included was a hand-written note which read:

Thank you for another order. Going for a green theme eh? Good luck with the setup.
If you guys haven't figured it out yet, he's right. The color scheme will be green with a touch of blue here and there, which should go well with the black acrylic.

I am still hard at work with sketchup, but progress is slow and it has been rather frustrating.
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Originally Posted by jpz View Post
Sorry about that. I thought I saw a project named blackbox about a month ago, and I remember it because I was upset when I saw it because that's what I named mine when I started designing it back in January. Before starting this thread I used the OCN forum search function as well as google to see if anyone else had already taken the name and I didn't get any hits so I decided to keep the name.

Anyway, it seems you named your log "Black Box" and my project is called "Blackbox" so there is a (very) subtle difference between the two.

Yeah it doesn't really matter it just may confuse people when someone clicks one thread some day and looks back for updates and its a totally different log lol. But i'll change mine if you want it doesn't matter to me.
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Sneak Peek of Final Design

Here is my most recent sketchup work. This doesn't show cable or tube routing, or where I am going to put my pump, reservoir, lights, buttons, and knobs; I have spent much time thinking about these things but you will have to wait because I'm not going to spoil the surprise(and I don't have the patience for much more sketchup

The sketchup file is once again attached.

EDIT: Explanation of the last picture- This is looking at the front of the case with the front panels hidden so you can see what is in the blackbox. From left to right, there is a power supply, a hard drive mount for up to four additional hard drives, and a cd drive mount for up to two cd drives. Note that the main hard drive will be mounted vertically above the blackbox next to the motherboard using UV green acrylic.

Acrylic Arrival
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Another update- The MountainMods I/O shield came a few days ago, and the SD Plastics order arrived last night.

Yesterday I ordered the following:

1x Novus #1 Plastic Clean & Shine $6.95
1x Clean-Rite Microfiber Cleaning Towels 12-pack $12.88
2x Silverhill Milled Aluminum Guitar Knob, Pack of 3, Black Anodized $10
4x 120 mm Fan Grill - Chrome $5.96
1x Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Blue Ring $16.95
1x Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Green Dot $16.95
4x 25 ohm 3W Pot $15.96

The only thing I can think of that I still need to buy (besides the big acrylic order) is a couple hundred 6-32 and M3 screws. I am fairly certain what size acrylic sheets I will be ordering and I am expecting to pay about $250 plus roughly $50 for shipping. Ouch
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I finally ordered the acrylic from McMaster-Carr! I should have it in two more days and I am hoping to make a lot of progress this weekend.
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