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So I was organizing my office the other day and I stumbled across one of my first serious gaming rigs. I probably built it nearly a decade ago, and it had been just sitting collecting dust (seriously, you'll see) for years and years. My 3 year old has been expressing more and more interest in using my PC and I figured, what the heck, he can have this one!

Anyway, here are our supplies that were in the PC:

Chieftec Aluminum Full Tower Case (in black and purple)
Enermax 330W PSU
IBM Deskwrite 80gb PATA HDD
Radeon 9800 PRO AGP
Soundblaster Platinum PCI

drumroll please...
Tyan Tiger S2460 Dual Socket 462 mobo
2x AMD Athlon MP 1200
1GB DDR 266 ECC registered memory (rawr ecc)

Now, back in those days, I didn't know much about cable management:

So I begin of course, by taking everything apart.

OH MY GOD it's filthy.

I spend the next 4 hours cleaning everything, including giving the entire chassis a bath.

Here's something you don't see every day, twin athlon MPs!!

First here is an example on how to NOT apply thermal paste:

Here it is again after I clean all the crap off and reapply a teeny bit of AS5

Check out the awesome heatsink/fan combo for the 9800 pro

Ok bench time, will it blend boot!?!?

Great success!!!! Kind of =/

Here's a pic of everything back in the case, so for now it runs (sort of)


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As you can see, my cable management is slightly better than it was in the past.

Oh the system boots but windows wont load. It gets past the windows splash and then reboots with no BSOD or anything, so need to track that down. I hope its just the HDD and not a stick of memory because that stuff is FREAKING EXPENSIVE now.

So, I'm looking for some advice from the case mod crowd. Right now my plans were:

-replace ribbon cables with round ATAs
-complete cable management
-cut side panel window
-double check cooling (iirc that system ran HOT - like heat up your house hot)

Any ideas for something cool/fun to do with this very unique system?


edit: sorry those first two pics are so bad, i'll re-do them later

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Something old, and something new. I would mod some newer coolers onto the processors. Having the window and all will make it look pretty slick but you can really throw someone off with having some crazy CPU and even GPU cooling. (Since most go off of looks it would look like a brand new build

A nice paint job wouldn't be bad either. Something of the copper sort perhaps?


As for your boot problem, I would almost peg it on memory giving a bad install of windows. Go back to basics and run with minimal hardware and restart.
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