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Current Progress: Test Run

So I've been wanting to do a build now for a long time, I've never really done one before so this will be the first time modding a case. Although, I think the case mod itself is fairly minimal, but I want to show others what you can do to an XL. If you guys have seen Maliks fractal build over at XS it will look similar to his build, probably not as elegant cause he's bauss lol

Originally, I was going to turn the Define XL into an inverted ATX but after talking to some pro modders we have on the forum we came to the conclusion that it would cost too much to do.

So here is the plan I have laid out so far as far as modding the case:

- All HDD Bays
- Mid plate
- 5.25 Bays

- top of the case to fit a 360 radiator
- window mod (maybe full acrylic like in NKH build)

and whatever else I can think of down the road.


- i5 2500k
- Asus P8P67 WS Revolution
- Zotac GTX 580
- Corsair Dominator GT (currently have regular doms)
- Corsair AX750

- MDPC-X sleeving

Watercooling Parts:



- Mayhems Dye Ultra Blue
- Biocide

Note: I am well aware of what is going on with EK and their nickel plated waterblocks, as well as using dye in a water loop.

On top of those, I finally got me a dremel weee. So this shall be fun, first aquatuning shipment should come in by this week if not next week. The case should be here this week as well, I will update once I get them.

Future Outlook:

- upgrade to GTX 580 sli
- i7 2600k

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Originally Posted by phaseshift
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its a Canon 60D w/ 35mm L lens

Nice that's a little nicer setup than I have (t2I and 50mm 1.8), looking forward to the next update.

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kinda disappointed with Aquatuning, I got the 48 hour shipping....it shipped on the 17th it is now the 22nd, though 18-19th was the weekend that leaves 20-22nd... The bulk of my order comes in from performancepc tomorrow, I hope my aquatuning package comes tomorrow or I don't have a block for my video card.
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