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[Project] CM HAF932 Contrast, Window + WC.

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Current status of case:

Hello! I've had my HAF932 stock for awhile, because after a failed NZXT Apollo, and NZXT Tempest mod I wanted to have a stock case for a little bit. This is my first mod that I want to actually come out looking slightly decent, so I would LOVE constructive critisim. I'm planning on painting the whole case white and black, and when I order i7 in the future, WC the board, CPU, and possibly GPU. Right now I only have my CPU Cooled, so that's what I'll be using atm. I also want to combine the window and the grill on the side to form one large window, and *possibly* Cut the window in two where the window ends and the HAF logo + vents begin and have both of the sides on hinges swing open, like the Zalman Z-Machine (Forgot the model). I need some help on how to mount my HD's. I have removed the HD cage because I need the space, and want to mount them in the bays, but I need at least 2-3 open for DVD Drives. I also installed an Antec1200 bay..thingy, (You'll see.) and so that takes ~1in out of the space available. The HD's do not fit with the longer side running the width of the bay. I am thinking about mounting them the other way and cutting holes for the SATA and power cables, but I would need to devise a way to hold the HD's steady in there. I've been working for two days now, this is what I have done. I am also planning on installing a false floor. I have to measure and figure out how it will sit, similar to the (Top false floor?). Anyway, I'll try and keep this as updated as I can. I have a few pics I took after vaccuming the case and cleaning with alchohol, so it passes my mom's inspection.
. Here ya go. Suggestions anyone??

Also to anyone that does powdercoating at home, I'm looking into buying a powder coating kit, and was wondering if when you put the piece in the oven, does it produce fumes, and is it messy? My parents won't let me use the bottom oven until they know it won't effect it... and I haven't found a cheap one sitting around yet..
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Can I ask wherer you got the antec 1200 drive cage

Originally Posted by ErBall View Post
Can I ask wherer you got the antec 1200 drive cage
its just the grill and fan
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dangit, ive been looking for an antec 1200 drive cage with the filter for EVERRRR

Originally Posted by ErBall View Post
dangit, ive been looking for an antec 1200 drive cage with the filter for EVERRRR
you could get a i cage.
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How many HDDs and will you be placing the PSU in the top or bottom location.
PSU will be on the bottom, it won't fit in the top due to the MCR320 and I like the stability factor when its on the bottom. I will have 2 HD's that I need to mount.
Is there enough room for a 320 in the top?
I would either space the antec drive bay fan out enough to place them there or have them standing on their side running front to back on the bottom one on each side. You could then place a res or pump in between them.
Yes, the HAF can hold a x3 120mm at the top. In the pictures you can see the fittings coming down from the top. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're trying to say about res and pump placement. I'm thinking about putting the res and pump under the Drive bays, where the HD bays should be, but I'm not entirely sure yet.
here is a quick mockup to clarify what I mean it is not to scale or anything but I think it gets the point across. The black rectangles are the HDDs and the red circle is pump, res, whatever.
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Ohh, I get it now. Will have to check measurements to see if they will fit. As of right now I'm planning on mounting the pump on the false floor near the fan.
I had some time to work for a few hours today and I put in the false floor, this is what I came up with. Note that the fan will be changed out in the front, I just needed it for measuring purposes.

Also what do you guys think about ditching the red lighting and going for white cathodes and fans? I have an order ready...

I also have to find something to put under the corner of the false floor that is hanging down. It doesen't move when nothing is on it but if I put the pump there it dips slightly. Is it okay to mount the MCP655 pump upside down? I might want to put it under the drive bays.
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Just ordered some WC parts. It's amazing how the little things can add up so fast.
What do you guys think?
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Sorry for no updates in a few days.. My camera has been acting funny.
I have ordered a replacement camera, and will have a slew of pictures once the parts arrive. (This week).
I haven't gotten alot of time to work, but I cut the side panel in two peices, and combined the grill and the small window into one large window. They both will be on hinges with magnets and swing open with a small handle. I am also debating whether to keep the top false floor, I don't know if I will have enough clearance with the two MCR320's, and I also bought a x2 120mm skull fan grill made of black acrylic from MNPCTech. I want to paint the radiators white so the skull stands out. Although this only makes clearance more of an issue.
I might cut the 3 120mm holes, and mount the grill on two of them (In the top false floor). I also dissassembled the whole case and touched up the paint, because some of it was chipping because I used it without letting it cure... >.< Just another reason to start powdercoating at home.

Does anyone know how to remove the paint from the radiator, and/or a sheet of metal? My mom went out and bought this big tank of stuff that supposidly dissolves paint (I forgot the name, but it smells horrible and is highly flammable. Reminds me of gasoline). It took *some* of the paint off of the side panel, and none off of the radiator. I need both to be bare metal

Anyway, sorry for the wait I'll have pictures up in a few days
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Okay, sorry for the wait.. I have tons of pics!

All 4 of my packages came today, (Friday) and it felt like Christmas.

I'll let the pictures explain themselves. I got a cut from a sharp edge in the case and it's pretty deep... it hurts to type, lol.

Although I have the strength to type, I bought the stackable MCR320 to go with my current MCR320, and I have to say this thing looks badass. Paired with a x2 120mm black acrylic fan grill from MNPCTech. I was originally going to use this on the side panel, but it didn't fit right. Concerning the radiator.. I have a huge complaint.
The method of screwing in the fans is complete BS. Swiftech needs to learn that some fans (Yate Loons that I ordered) don't have gaps inbetween the two mounting holes, (Which is required to mount the fans in the middle.) Since those didn't work I had to go back to my Antec fans, and put the Yate Loons on the bottom... since the push pins didn't work on those either I had to manufacter my own screw lengths just to mount the Yate Loons.
Either way I still love it.

Cut out some anti-noise, or w/e it's called on the false floor, mounted the pump and the Lian-Li HD cage.

Changed out the 80mm fans on my PSU,

There's not enough clearance for the PSU to go in while the false floor is attached, and I'm not about to remove the front panel just to slide it in there. False floor and PSU installed...

Stackables mounted... w00t.

Next few pics are general progression with hardware being installed...

Then I went to the movies... and when I came home I set up the WC. Also fixed problems with the Pump hitting the GTX280, and I had to remove the 120mm bay fan, because the new radiator + the 120mm fan wasn't cutting it and I couldn't have any DVD Drives in there without it running into something.

Ran into some leak problems... I filled the fillport and I looked down, and literally watched (3) little drops form at each end of the T-fitting. :swearing:, Ripped it apart and tightened them a ton, I think when I attached the tubing I twisted it to let it get on better and it might have loosened the fittings. I put more coolant in there and let it sit overnight to see if it still leaks. This is how it sits now.

Anybody notice that the other 2/3 of the side panel isn't installed yet? Well I think it looks horrid and still need to do some work on it. I'm debating what to do with it, I think at this point using it would ruin the case, but then again what will I put there?

Also, when you're filling a T-Line, do you seriously have to fill a little, run pump... fill a little.. run pump... and so on? This seems like the only way I can fill the loop. This is my first time doing a T-Line so suggestions are appreciated. Also, is my loop setup correctly?
. BTW: I'm using red coolant because since my tubes are black the only place I can see the coolant is in the 90* angle and the T-Line. I wanted to be able to see it there so I can easily see leaks.

OT: I have 35rep but I can't post in the For Sale section(s). Why?
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I love the case.
How is that stackable rad threating you? I'd love some extra performance boost without loosing a lot of space!

And nice work on the mod so far!
This case is very hot, i like the white and black
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