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Hello again Everyone, its Time for another build.

This one is going to be a little bit different, then my past builds. As you can tell from the title, there will be a few different revision of it.

so with out further a due : DeaDPooL Creations presents:


The first part of the build will be for a Local lan event later this month. I wanted to take something different to this lan and I am giving my self a really short time frame to get some items done. Like a month... So this should be a nice roller coaster...

The name comes from me wanting to use the Black and Red theme also it just seemed to fit.


NZXT H440 Case Black and Red
ASUS Maximums VI Formula Motherboard
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler
Silent Wing 2 fans
Be Quiet Powerzone 750 watt PSU
Items to be named later

((((Fab work))))

Make custom grills for the case
Possibility of illuminated mid plate
Red and Black cables set to a custom length.
Other small items.

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Thanks MunneY

2nd Update

Some Product pics.

She is going to get some Rework done

I have something planned for the plate on this one.

I got the cables made ahead of time with extra length on them. I want them set to the right length without worrying about excess taking up space.

Lutro0s Teleios Sleeve - Thanks Mike and J... Love the stuff.

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I'm super jelly of that grill. I might make something to put there to hide my HDDs/cables. You can see it all plain as day if you look at it from enough of an angle.

I'm also curious to see where the darth vader and death star are going.
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