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[Project] Dynamic Symmetry

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Dynamic Symmetry will be, in all simplicity, a cube. However, there are some differences between this one and the stuff I've done in the past...

1) DS will be made from aluminum and acrylic. I happen to have access to a laser cutter, so I will be taking advantage of that.

2) I will be using 12 (yes 12
) Cold Cathode lights in this project. The idea is to not to be able to see the insides of the cube when it's on; however, once the cube is turned off, the light shuts off and the insides are visible. I'll explain in greater detail once I begin rendering sketchup models.

For now, enjoy all the sketches I've been creating in math class:

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This looks freaking sweet. In one of the pics you got a bunch of bolts showing, use the black oxide allen head ones. They will make the box look industrial yet artistic!
*intrigued and subscribed*
That looks pretty sweet. Depending on how it turns out I may want to do something similar for my folding farm build this summer.
I've pretty much chosen my supplies at this point... I will be building the cube out of a highly dense polyethylene board, as acrylic would allow too much light through.


And the plans have been changed a little bit as well... I will be joining the edges with screws and these on the corners:


And the most awesome part


times twelve XD
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