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[Project] Hatred

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First, hello to all...

As you prolly allready realised, I am new here.

Instead of introducing myself in appropriate section, I just barged right in here to make a post about my project. There are few reasons actually...

Firts: I suck at introductions
Second: Its night and my wife doesnt let me cut and hammer things after bed time so gotta find something to keep the inspiration alive
Third: Inspiration died

Now then, what do I have to go with? I'll list the main parts I will be using on this one...

1. Antec 900
2. Intel C2D E8400
3. EVGA 780i SLI FTW
4. a pair of 8800 GST's (g92)
5. Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme
6. a bounch of Xilenece 120 redlight coolers
7. 2 x 2GB LHX8500D2K2 (kit)

Some of these are old parts that I allready had, some are ones I had to order all the way from Germany since Finland is such a cr*ppy place to get deacent components...
Anyways, Im still missing few thingys that I ordered last week, im hoping on getting em tomorrow since this is the first and the last week that I will have some time off from work, if you know what I mean...

1. Fractal Design CT60
2. Xilence Red Wing 120 PWM
3. Chipset cleaner ( or what is it in englisg?)

Now then, I will not post any pic's about Antec 900 since you all prolly know allready how it looks unmodded
However, ill be posting images about the project as it goes on.

What I would like to acheave: Working PC instead of parts that have been lying around for ages...

What I will prolly acheave: an angry wife who will hate me for invading our bathroom and for making it as my personal workshop...

Firts step: Wind tunnel for the 8800 GTS's (something that's not stolen from you guys)

Main thing that has allways pi**ed me off is that my EVGA 8800GTS runs so dam hot. I reacently purchased XFX 8800GTS XXX Alpha Dog edition - card and it runs MUCH cooler, even tho it has higher clocks...

First I thought that I'd use aftermarket cooling for both of the cards ( this I will do in the future, I ***** you not ), however deacent coolers cost's money and I'm a cheapscate so

As you all know, in Antec 900 theres this possibility to attach yet another 120mm cooler to the HDD module. However it wastes allmost 30mm space from the interior space of the case... allso, it looks so bad as the image below indicates...

I have allways liked a clear interion in cases, so I decided to molest the other HDD module...
Sadly I do not have the facilitys or tools that some of you posess (and who I envy)... anyways, its nice to see what you can create with few files and a dremel.

Since 120mm obiously doesnt fit inside the HDD case, I had to make some room for it... this was an annoying thingy to do since my "dremel" decided to brake the "blade" (?) every 2 seconds...

Now the hole is ready, all we need is something to cover it up after the cooler is in place...

This was orginally a spare piece of plex glass that I had lying around, atleast It found a purpose for its life...

... and with fan installed...

... and with all the pieces put together...

Slight change in size, dont you think? Overall, this "Mod" came out to be something that I am quite happy about, cant wait to install it

Ill be posting more pic's about this project as it goes on, so bare with me...

And btw, ill be waiting to "meet" you all, thank you for such kick ass forums.
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NICE first post annoyance!

Wecome to the boards!

That came out really clean. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for what else you have in store for us.

Thanks for sharing.
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Looking good,may have to steal that idea from you if you dont mind,lol.Welcome to OCN
Thank you all for the warm welcoming, iv'e been reading these forums for a while now but haven't joined up until now for some reason. Luckily I have a bit of spare time on my hands now (I finally had a chance to take some time off from work), so it was about time to kick this project on its way and to join OCN.


Originally Posted by nepas
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Looking good,may have to steal that idea from you if you dont mind,lol.Welcome to OCN

Ofcourse you can, that's pretty much what I will be doing with the few next steps of this project

Haven't got any new pic's for you guys yet, actually just woke up. Eventho the scedule for this day is decided, the first few steps are not about the project (duh).

Before starting again I obiously need alot more coffee... then I need to take the dogs out and feed em, wich leads me to drink even more coffee. After this, I'm pretty much good to go

Today I will finish the "reverse HD module - mod", make few holes on to to the actual case and hopefully receave rest of the parts I have ordered... really hate waiting.

Orginal plan for today was to rip off the cooling unit from my 780i, cut down the pads from the NF200/NB - heatsink for better contact, replacing the orginal thermal grease with better one and to install a new cooler for NF200/NB heatsink (since the orginal performs badly and makes a too much sound).

I'll post about my progress later today, with pictures
we do not want to cause a brain damage to any of you by babling useless nonsence, now do we?
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Update: Dustfilters and reverse HD module

The main flaw in Antec 900 has allways been the amount of dust it swollows, expecially if

1. you have dogs or cats
2. you do not like to clean your room every day

I have been hating the fact for some time now that there's just no room to install the filter on the HDD module, until now.

I had few dust filters from nexus stashed away, since they do not obiously fit inside the HD module. Sorta stupid of me, I should have thought of this alot earlier, but it's not really that hard to install em after all...

First I was gonna cut away a part from the mesh to fit em in, but I am lazy and I really do not want to f**k the meshes up... expecially when there is more simple and effortless solution *kick kick*.

First we need one Dust Filter from Nexus

Second, we need a file, dremel and epox glue.

I tooked the rear part of the filter (one with holes in it) and removed part of the material to better fit it between the "cooler mount thingy" and the meshes, the thickness has decreased rapidly and it should fit a bit better now...

A bit of epox and the filtering material, and vóila

After letting it dry for a while it was ready to be installed. I wasnt sure how it's gonna look, but the result is quite nice and! dust free

Now, we have the dust issue in order, it was time to get back to the HD Module. Since I picked it up from here, I presume you all know what it is so I wont bore you with too much details.
However, there is few minor changes I made, as you can see from the pics below...

Since the hard drives are attached with only 1 screw from each side, they felt a bit unstable. Havent decided do I like this invention of mine yet, but atleast it brings a certain stability for the HD's and prevents em to move around (even its unlikely anyways).

Instead of pulling the wires from the side of the module, I decided to pull em from the bottom. As you can remember, there were equal hole at the top of the "wind tunnel" where the wires will come out. Ill be leaving one slot of free space between these 2 modules and the wires will go out from the hole I will cut on the case.

More updates later.
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I'm liking this Hatred of yours.

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Allrighty then, a minor update on the progress...

After thinking this alot, I decided to flip the PSU over even I hate cutting holes like this to a 100€ case... oh well, heres the plan for the PSU

Allso, we cannot forget about the cable management, so heres the orginal "blueprint" that shows HOW-TO-DO-IT... notice the "hole" for the P4 cable, at this point I had a bad feeling about making that...

Have to try and make a bit more... pretty... annoys me greatly

After cutting, drilling, filing and sanding I was ready to update my progress a bit. Its not too pretty yet, but im slowly getting there.
As I thought earlier, the hole for the P4 cable WAS a ***** to make...

The hole for PSU succeeded pretty well, still have to do some cosmetics with it tho, but that has to wait till tomorrow...

Since I have been invading the bathroom for few days now, wife ain't too happy if its a mess when she gets back from work and cant take a shower... so, under the circumstances

Anyways, the last pic for today

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+rep. Got some good ideas floating around here. Good job so far man. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Originally Posted by Ramsey77
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+rep. Got some good ideas floating around here. Good job so far man. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Thank you

Next steps would be to make some cosmetic changes on the cuts, Even tho the hole for PSU ended up succeeding well, it still looks a bit like garbage and needs a gentle care. Allso, the hole for P4 cable is something that really annoys me, so will be working with those 2 atleast for starters.

I was sorta hoping that today would be the day when the rest of the parts would arrive, my fingers are itching to do some work with the new mobo of mine. However, I called the reseller yesterday to check the status of my lovely parts and they weren't even been sent yet.
It came clear that they had some issue with one of the coolers I ordered for CPU cooling, even tho their DB showed they have that spesific product on storage (hate waiting...). Anyways, I decided not to wait 10 more days and changed the product, with luck the items should be here tomorrow.

This is what I originally ordered: Xilence Fan 120mm PWM

Fan Color:Black, red
Dimensions:120x120x25 mm
Fan Speed:1.500 RPM +/- 10% (max)
Max. Air Flow:57,91 CFM
Bearing Type:Hydro Bearing
Noise Level:21,2 dB
Power Input:1,08 W
Rated Voltage:12 VDC
Starting Voltage:7 VDC
Connector:Small 4pin

Not a high end product, but it has PWM and its red
This was intirely new brand for me, so decided to have a go with it, so far the Redlight coolers have been ok, all tho have had a chance to sest em like 1 minute at the time...

And this is what I will get: Noiseblocker 120x120 NB-BlackSilent XLP Rev.3.0

Size 120x120x25mm
Connector 4pin PWM
RPM 1000-2000rpm
Noise 14-31db/A
Air flow 69-128 m3/h
Rated Voltage 12-13,2V

It's not red, but Im familiar with this brand and so far have been very happy with their products. Not too cheap, not too expensive and they posess a certain quality, even they do come in blue...

Anyways, back to the job at hand (instead of whining about the cruelty of the world since lit'l old me cant have his red cooler, boo hoo...).

As I mentioned, main thingy is to make some cosmetics today, any suggestions concerning that (among everything else ofcourse) are welcome.

PS: Paintjob aint an option atm since my usual workshop is... well, you be the judge... somehow I doubt wife lets me do some painting @ da bathroom

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I have the Xilence Red Wing fans on my radiator. They look damn sweet, but be warned, they don't push a great deal of air!

Originally Posted by alex98uk
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I have the Xilence Red Wing fans on my radiator. They look damn sweet, but be warned, they don't push a great deal of air!

Yeah, noticed that on the specs, but in this case im counting on the amount of fans
Allso, they were like 4,90€ / piece, so worth a try.

3 Redlights will be installed in front of the case, one at the back, one maby for the PSU (havent decided yet).

Overall, the airflow inside the case should be sufficent, if not, I'll just have to get me another coolers with red lights =)

The Noiseblocker will be for my Thermalright Ultra- 120 Extreme and should move enough air to keep the CPU nice and cool... but we know the results as soon I get my rustbucket running again

Only thing I am worried about is the EVGA 8800GTS 512 that has allways had such high idle temps, im hoping that the wind tunnel will fix part of this issue tho, but it would seem that I have to install aftermarket cooling for the GPU's sooner or later.
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Look at a DualOrb for your 8800gts, apparently they do a great job
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Wow, impressive build. And welcome to Ocn!!!

Originally Posted by alex98uk View Post
Look at a DualOrb for your 8800gts, apparently they do a great job

That actually was one of the options I had in mind, but the blue leds are something I do not want into this rig

From all the options available, I was thinking on Scythe Musashi or Coolink GFXChilla.

Musashi has been coping better on each test/review that I have been reading, but it's easyer to find a deacent pair of coolers to GFXChilla and therefor boost up the performance a bit (and make a difference on how it looks, the blue coolers ARE creepy).

Ofcourse, in matters like these I shouldnt let my own vanity to affect the decision too much

PS: Thank you zhevra
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That's a heck of an introduction. I only pray I end up "hating" my case as much as you do.
Update: Cosmetic's and soundpad installation #1

Allrighty... Decided to install an additional soundpad, atleast partly. Results aren't as bad as they could, but could have worked a bit better :/

Look will be a bit different after I get my mobo installed, till then; you be the judge.

Soundpad on the bottom of the case, this went suprisingly well. Cos of this I was naive enough to think that me and the soundpad actually understand eachothers...

(I added thumbs this time co's the pic's are a bit bigger for better details).

About the naive part and mutual understanding I mentioned above, this was originally supposed to be made out of one part, however when installing the creep seemed to have a mind of its own, not to mention that it's higly elastic and refuced to co-operate with me... so, stabbed it and added another piece. Not as pretty as I would have wanted it to be, but suffices.

If you have an opinion, please, let me know

PS: I hope anyone doesnt mind me updating this project in such tiny bits, help's me to concentrate plus, creates an illusion that im not actually alone here with three farting dogs...

More updates later
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"Mod" away the LED's. Just give them a small snip and problem solved
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