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Project : Hudson


Aims: Build a near silent desktop replacement to replace an ageing AM2+ system,
which is currently used as a web and email computer with a bit of media thrown in.
It must be Eco friendly, as quiet as possible and small (less than half the size if a mini tower).

Hardware:Gigabyte E350N-USB3
Hitachi 2.5" 500G SATA II
Sony slim DVD Burner
Coolermaster Elite 100 Case with 150w Flex PSU
Gskill 2x2 gig DDR3 1333 (no need to go crazy)


Case: Spartan but functional, plenty of length on all the cables from the front panel and PSU,
also comes with a mini SATA adapter.
It has a removable drive tray that at a pinch will fit a 3.5" HDD but its not really a good idea (way too tight),
it will fit 2x 2.5" HDD under and over the tray. Optical drive is strictly a slim,
and in this case I went for a Sony DVD (no BD needed).
It all went together with no problems.


Mobo: As is the way with Gigabyte it came in a very nice box with all the usual bits (including 2 SATA cables),
the one suprise was the size of the mITX board having never used one before.
It went in with no major issues ( the bag with all the screws for the case was shy one Mobo screw :/ ).
Over all a very well presented package.


Finishing: Finished up all conections, put the drive tray back in last as its the perfect place to hide stray cables.
Before closing the case I make sure it will POST and Jump into BIOS to make sure it's all up and running.


Case Closed: Simple with no show (basic black) but it is well vented and keeps very cool (never seen it over 45C)



Final issues: The little imp is making a bit more noise than I wanted,
turns out that it's the fan on the PSU, tried tightening the screws, no go.
So I tried volt moding and the sound just got lower :\ , the PSU also got hotter.
The plan is to use another 40mm fan of the "silent" type in the PSU, here it is.


Will be doing this over the weekend and will update with the results.

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Well after 3 weeks i finally got back to the project, and got stuck in to modding the PSU fan (aka noisy bastard).
In the process I found what I think is a fake or bad quality Yate loon fan in the PSU (a suprise) and voided the warranty on my PSU (no suprise).
This is the fan and its smaller (thickness) and quieter counter part.

This is the Yate loon fan that was so noisy.

Next update will be putting a usb flash drive internally as readyboost.
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