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April Mod of the Month Winner!:Link

_.-( Post Guide )-._

Due to my image host I have had to compact the log into 2 posts. Please use the following to check out the log.

Step 1 - http://www.overclock.net/t/765778/project-katharos-pure-nzxt-beta-evo-mod-april-2011-motm-winner/0_20#post_9842350

Step 2 - http://www.overclock.net/t/765778/project-katharos-pure-nzxt-beta-evo-mod-april-2011-motm-winner/500_100#post_13034176

_.-( Final Pics )-._

_.-( Introduction )-._

Hello, This is my first time posting onto your forum as well as my first actual work log! First, a little about me. I have been working on/building/fixing/tinkering ( I love that word ) with computers and electronics for about 13 years or so.

I have since gotten bored with overclocking and the software side of things and decided I needed a new challenge. My time is short, being I work for a drug, alcohol, and life controlling problem ministry called Teen Challenge, so between ministering (yes, bible thumpers are nerds too!) and my wife, time is a precious commodity.

So being that I love to write and want to push my knowledge to the limit, I have decided to go full throttle into the modding game as well as make some friends and gain knowledge along the way!

_.-( Project Name )-._

Im naming this project Katharos,
Katharos is greek for clean, pure physically purified by fire in a similitude. like a vine cleansed by pruning and so fitted to bear fruit in a levitical sense clean, the use of which is not forbidden, imparts no uncleanness ethically free from corrupt desire, from sin and guilt free from every admixture of what is false, sincere genuine blameless, innocent unstained with the guilt of.

The whole purpose of this mod is to make the cleanest, most eye pleasing mods, with smooth corners and dark colors. In essence to make it clean and pure just as the description goes.

The concept is to add a window, sleeve all of the cables, stick to the black and blue theme. As well as add mini windows on the front panel for the blue led to shine through. Completely Mod the generic power supply from plain jane to clean and smooth. (although this is a work in progress and is subject to change) Add the hdd activity light to the front bezel (or cd rom activity light) and have it be a bigger part of the front.

_.-( Build Parts )-._

Case: NZXT Beta Evo
Processor: Intel Intel i7 2600k
Heatsink: Rasa 240 Kit
Motherboard: Gigabyte UD5
RAM: OCZ Reaper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000)
HDD: 2 x WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA (Raid 0)
PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W
Fans: 2x 140mm CM R4's (blue led)
GPU: 2x MSI GTS 450

_.-( Case Introduction )-._

Here is the front part, mmmmmm roundy corners...

Here are the guts, plan to do alot of cable management with this beast

Planning on Stealthing and possible adding acrylic as well as some blue leds to that top lip, hooked up to the dvd drive activity light or the hdd activity light!

I did make a window placement guide to give an idea of what im doing.

The window will have mntechpc window molding and smoked acrylic for the window, and im playing with the idea of using hex black screws to fasten the window down.


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Well, the power supply is as good as place as any to start.

Here is the generic power supply in all its gray glory, bleh! The first step will be to tear this puppy apart and sand it down and paint the shell inside and out. Time to void some warranty!

Nakedness, you will notice I did start a little on some of the sleeving, as well as my passion for zip ties <3.

Suppose the warranty is voided yet? On a side note I have this solder sucker, ( I don't know if that the technical name for it, its a tube spring loaded syringe type thing) and im telling you i had a blast with that thing, if I hit it back hard enough Rabbit turd sized bullets would shoot out, the only person around me that was amused at the time was me =P.

Here is the paint I used, prime, satin, hammered, clear coat...

seems they have already gathered some dust.

Glamour Shots of the casing.

FINGERS!!!!!!!!11!!! ... I mean here is the fan that I will be placing in the power supply, it also has 4 blue leds. I am pondering painting the fan black =D.

I had a few ideas about the front panel, i have more of the smoked black acrylic left, and was pondering cutting out the front, i will post some stick man pictures later =P
I am also welcome to suggestions if you think you see a way of adding to the mod.

Not really counting this as an update, but I thought I would share the 45 minutes of work time I did have today =)
I set out to move one of the male molex connectors to the longer power cord and move one of the sata connectors in its place, basically having one sata and one molex per cord (I.E. dvdburner/fan power HDD/fan power) I'm doing this so the cable can be easily hidden and clean. Well its always the little small details that give you a headache like the fact that some powersupplies have 5 power lines going to the sata connectors (there is a little orange line that carries 3.3v or something like that, something to do with the early stages of sata devices and/or some needing more juice?) Now understanding what I needed to do all along, it was still fun to gain the historical knowledge and see how many people had so many different opinions on what exactly that orange wire was for.

Power Supply = $15 bucks
Thumb Tak for removing molex pins = $.02
Tiny Bits of heatshrink = $.10
Wasting 20 minutes of my life learning the history of the orange 3.3v wire on a power supply = priceless

So I start this update with what started to be a awesome road to being done with the power supply, here I am re-soldering the connections inside, the problem here was that as I was putting all of this together I was forgetting about the little drops of solder that were falling on my workstation, and I was setting the psu back on the little bits of solder, and PRESTO! I created some small gouges into the power supply bottom (which will be the top in the case) -.-
SOOOoooOoo... Being the perfectionist I am I decided to take it all apart and sand it down and go at it again. :wallbash: :duh:

Here is the right before I realized the damage ive done. And man the clear coat over spray turning white like that is annoying -.- might have to put a piece of cardboard in their next time to protect the opposite side.

Mr. Box decided to help out with the re-primer, but by the look on his face he wasn't happy about it.

Another coat or 2 more and time for wet sanding!

BUT! All of this extra work wasn't for nothing, as I was literally watching the paint dry in-between coats of paint, I had a great idea. Why not cover the ugly bottom with a nice diffused blue glow. It would blend nice with the theme and give me a little challenge to make it look nice. Not the greatest artist on the diagram but it will do. =D

So I bought the supplies and it was time to cut down the piece of alum.

Possibly time for some more cutting discs too lol.

And then I was bored waiting for the paint to dry on the psu parts, so I decided to cut my window out and drill the holes for the window and bolts, here the window is cut out and the u-channel is in and I'm about the drill the holes.

Poof! I decided on smoked acrylic because when the blue leds are on in the inside they will glow a dark blue, which is kind of like a deep flame blue. As well as when the computer is off it reflects like a mirror, hence the great view of my mess!

So I doubt I'm the only one who ever thought of the psu light plate idea, although putting some acrylic in there and adding a design the top of the plate would be great, I just have no idea what to put on it let alone the dremel skill to do it, so for now I will settle with the plate.
If anyone has some suggestions I'm all ears!

So here I am again pondering how to do this power supply glow plate, and so I decided before I wet sanded to put it all together and see how everything fit together.

Here is everything put together for the top, but something is missing!

THIS GUY!!111! (don't worry this is just taped up sloppy for testing) Just a simple led setup

Here it is with the light out (sorry for the bad pic quality) This just wasn't the effect I was looking for.

Here with the lights on. :grr:

Then I knew what was missing, I'm going to sandwich a piece of acrylic in between it and I think that will give me the brightness as well as the diffuse I want!!

And so right before I had to go to work, I took some scrap acrylic I had laying around, cut it down, and fine sanded the edges so they would be cloudy to emit a nice glow and here is what turned out!

Perfect! That is exactly what I was trying to get. Now it's time to finish the wet sanding and put the clear coat and finally finish the power supply! :rock:

Well it's that time again. So after working on that power supply I realized that I have been modding an psu that wont handle what I intend on pushing it with.
So the power supply will not be going into this build but it will be going into my Lian-Li Cube Mod, which will be modded with panels on the whole cube kind of like the power supply. But enough of that, I will be posting the rest of the pictures for the power supply, and the PSU I will be using for this build, because it will be modded similar to this one but with little twists (fully single sleeved, more acrylic ect.) So here is the log for the PSU.

Drying after a clear coat!

Putting the top on and testing.

Dremeling the screw tops off so they don't hit the bottom of the PSU board.

My friend messing around with my camera!

Hot glued the led and the cord, as well as the tops of the screws so they never get loose and any accidental touching to the board.

Cutting the cords to the led.

Soldering it all back together!

Put the lid back on and.......

Presto! Then at this point I realized I put the fan grill on backwards and so I had to switch it around and somehow in the process of taking the lid off I snapped one of the wires and shorted out the led, soOoOoO here is how it sits right now lol

So tomorrow, I will be hitting up RadioShack and getting another led and finishing up on this beast!

So today I started on the side window of the case, I decided to also sand down the texture on parts of the case and then polish it down for the gloss look. So here is what I have so far.

I had to drill the holes from the other side to give myself a guide because the other side has standoffs and other plastic crud that gets in the way.

First cut!

Lots of fileing later.

Taped off most of the parts I didn't want sanded off.

This picture shows the one side I polished somewhat and the other I left plain, to get an idea of how it would look like in the end.

Both sides polished.

So I realize I need to purchase a triangle file for the corners and finish straightening the edges as well as cut out the acrylic. (I'm also toying with a few ideas other than acrylic)

The opposite side will have the name of the project downward, each letter cut out and acrylic put behind it as well, the only problem is I have not decided upon a font yet!

So that's all for now!

Well I decided to give a mini update on the front panel progress, as I stated before i have a full schedule so I sqeeeeeeeeeze in the time where I can!
So I started trying to find the lettering for the side window on the front panel, I wanted to put the lettering downward and these are the two fonts I liked.

The more I positioned it on the front the more I disliked it there and the more I thought of other places to put it. (side panel) I have kind of fallen in love with the asymmetrical look on the front, but we will see.

Here is another example of what the front will look like, I am going for the mirror finish. I bought some rubbing compound and of course I could not wait to use it lol, So I tryed it out. Having one side kinda buffed makes the other side look like crud.

Measured out the smoked acrylic.

Dremeled out the supports and then filed them down just enough to let the piece of acrylic snap in.

So I learned I don't enjoy dremeling acrylic, little hot balls of melted plastic magma seemed to always find my arm.....and sometimes my face

It fits perfectly flush!

And of course I could not wait to see what it would look like. And then I painters taped up the acrylic so it would not get scratched and now I have to finish the corners on the window and buff it all out to make it smooth.

On a side note I noticed my camera has a slight bubble effect. It was killing me because I thought I had my front window crooked, and I measured it about 5 times and realized that it was the camera. Phew!

On a side side note lol, My work space is downstairs in the building I work at. And my friends backdoor to his house (which his newborn's crib is in the room attached) is right across from my office. So I wanted to dremel the acrylic but didnt want to make a ton of noise and wake the poor little dude up......SoOoO I went into the closet and became.... A CLOSET DREMELER... I kinda felt weird in a mad scientist way, but it worked lol

Ok, so I did the semi-final buffing on the front panel because I had some time, and I'm in the waiting for the rest of my parts to come, I ordered a new modular power supply, ram, dvd drive and better sleeving.

Sleeving!!!!!!111! I purchased the Clean Cut Black from furryletters on Ebay, Very nice and even gave back the extra shipping and let me break up my order as much as I want.

The tools and product I used for buffing the dull plastic. This and a TON of elbow grease with 320 grit and 1500 grit wet dry sandpaper -.-

320 grit.....Yes I was watching tv as I did it.

2 hours later and 1500 grit.

Set up and ready for the rubbing compound with a firm string buffing wheel.

After rubbing compound and ready for the polishing compound and wax.

If you haven't noticed..... it reflects EVERYTHING mmMMm shiny


And no flash

So now I will be out for a week while I wait for parts and take a much needed vacation from work! When I come back I will Have to finish up on the front panel with some led wireing and im going to re-sleeve the cables and then it should be done, then I can start on the PSU.

BTW, incase you are wondering I have no idea why I have a fatmans jar of peanut butter on my desk.

It has been waaaaay to long since I have gotten a chance to sit at the ole mod bench. Mostly due to the fact that when I went on vacation I ended up building 3 systems when I got back, although that sucked up almost every bit of my time... it did fund the parts for this build! So here is the list of parts that I purchased.

Processor = Intel Core i3-530 w/ Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound
Heatsink = Ultra-120 Extreme Black w/ push pull 120mm CM R4’s (blue led)
Motherboard = EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR LGA1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel
RAM = OCZ Reaper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000)
HDD = 2 x WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA (Raid 0)
PSU = OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W
Fans = 2x 140mm CM R4’s (blue led)
I also bought a MSI 250GTS to replace my 260.

So I was half way finished putting all the parts into a temp case because I couldn’t help myself with overclocking the i3 and I realized I didn’t take the box pile shots. But I can offer what all the parts look like in the temp case! Complete with bad flash picture and all!

Excuse the noobie camera skillz, I have poor lighting in my office. The temp case is a NZXT m59 and I have to say I really like the case, it will be interesting to see what I do with it when I move all of the stuff out of it.

Another MAJOR time killer was I moved my workbench. I was working in my office and realized that I needed more room. And if any of you have moved your work area before you will understand. I quickly realized I have more crap than I ever imagined.

This is just a very small amount of the crud I have hauled up to the new area the rest is stacked neatly against the other walls. But it is nice to have a open area to do nothing but tech out!

Tonight I sat at my new work are, and my fingers were itching to do some work, so I pulled out the 140mm Cooler Master r4’s and got to town on the sleeving.

MMmmmm sleevey goodness!

That little lip right there needed to be cut down to allow the sleeved cable to fit.

Much better!

Annnnnnnnnnd presto! The fans are finished.

And of course some pictures with the fans on.

I am probably going to purchase some modders mesh and will be cutting out that top part and inserting some mesh and u channel to finish that off.

This is his “pet me now or die†look. My cat likes to tell me when to get off the computer, If I don’t heed his call he will start biting my elbow and meowing till I go pet him. So out of fear for the tip of my elbow, that’s all for now, next up I will restart the PSU mod with a few twists.

Well, I found some time to get some work done on the ole mod. I was trying to decide last time I worked on it, if I was going to sleeve the PSU first or work on the panel mods for it and the panel mod won! ( I enjoy cutting the metal) So here we go!

So as promised I will be redoing my psu mod being that I started it on a psu that would not be able to push everything that I am wanting to run. But all that time on the first one was not wasted it gave me a lot of ideas for the second one.

Here is the PSU I will be using for this. Half Modular goodness!

And here is my piece of metal that I will be using. I was walking into work study with our students and I noticed a ton of steel in a pile that looked like it was going to scrap. So I asked the machinist if he was just throwing it away and sure enough they were. So I snatched up all of it! Free supplies are the best ones!

A little measuring.

And then a little drawing…. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to cut it.

ANDDDDD PRESTO….. my old dremel died in the middle of the cut.. So I bought a new one.

Here is the acryl that will be going behind it.

After a little sanding on the acryl and some positioning.

Looking good so far.

Here are my leds that I bought from some oriental country. I hope im authorized to use them lol.

And a little wiring.

And there you have it, the side panel for the PSU that will be facing out. And I think I will call it quits for today, the gym is calling my name. enjoy!

So I decided to skip the gym tonight being my wife was going out with some friends and the opportunity to get some modding done was just too much to pass up. I decided the best use of this precious time was to cut the top part of the PSU plate. PSU mod part 2 here we go.

So I see everyone doing these glamour shots with all of their junk in cool looking configurations so I decided id try to be cool. Key word there is try.

I stole that square from big bird.

SO I have a confession, I took back the easylock cutting discs because I found out I could straighten an edge if I ran the edge along the top of the disc and I wouldn’t be able to do that with a easylock. And there is my trusty and very rusty files in glamour shot action.

And I was like BAM with the dremel. Seriously you use a dremel and take a picture at the same time.

Perfect fit!

And doing some lining up.

Oh! What could that be.

After the first pass through to groove out my lines. For some reason I decided to try to do this with only the cutting disc on the dremel.

This shows how much of a stupid idea it was to try to do it with only a dremel lol. Those little round corners are a pain!

And presto! At this point I was covered with fine metal dust in my face and arm so I decided to call it quits and smooth out the edges, cut the acrylic and light it up next time. That’s all for now!

Well, I have the weekend off and I took an extra day to chill and do some modding before I go to the in-laws. (Which is the bomb because we always go scuba diving for walleye!) So I took the day to try to finish out the flame design on the top plate of the PSU.

This is where I left off last time, I was very unhappy with the crooked lines and over all jaggedness of everything, I almost scrapped it for another design but decided to see what I could do.

In the search for a good tool to straighten out curves, I found the best tool was a piece of sandpaper folded a few times.

After spending what seemed like 3 hours smoothing out the plates I started on the wiring for the glow plate.

Then some testing was in order.

I tried to angle them inward to give a good spread of light to everything. Some more adjustment before the final product will be needed.

I got a little carried away and started ripping the PSU apart to see how I was going to wire this thing. HMMMmmMm warranty fully voided.

This was a little more complicated that my first PSU.

But still comes apart just as well.

Well I was going to drill the holes and put the plates on the PSU to show how it would look but this stopped my work for the night, wrong size nuts.

There it is, I still have some small tweeks here and there, and the plate looks much better when the back of it is covered because it forces the light to the front. But over all I am happy with the way it turned out. Not bad for just a dremel and some sand paper. Next up I will be drilling the holes and painting the metal pieces black and getting the right screws lol. Hopefully we can have the PSU finished before too long.

Welly welly well! I had some time today to get some more done on the PSU my plan was to at least get all the lights in and holes drilled, well I got 95% of the way there.

Lining up the holes and getting a feel for how it needs to be put.

Some more measuring.

Holes drilled and screws put in to see how it looks.

And then the other side.

Took a trip to Lowes to get some much needed clamps.

The top of the PSU clamped and read for drilling!

And BAM, holes are drilled.

Plate and screws added!

Cleaning out the drill holes for the hot glue.

Some of them were harder than others. Mostly because I am lazy and I didn't want to resolder everything.

And a little more.

Gluing in the LEDs.

I also found that I needed to shave off a little of the metal nuts to fit in the PSU case.

Like so.

The wireing for the LEDs is from one of the 12v rails.

And a test fire!

Getting ready to drill the other side.

About this time my wife called me from work and wanted to have coffee on her break!

-Insert coffee time here-

And then some drilling action!

Some of the screws were way close to the others and needed to be trimmed.

My friend that was helping decided it would be funny to take a picture of me while I was trimming a screw. The whole time I was thinking to myself I bet I have a really stupid look on my face&#8230;. Sure enough I did.

Side put together.

So I did not have time to glue in the LEDs for the side panel, but here is what I have so far, after I put in the light I will get the panels painted black and all put back together! Alot of straightening work still needs to be done, but I am happy with the results so far.

Should be able to get some more work done soon. Till then!

As promised I had a very small ammount of time today to finish the wiring of the rest of the PSU, and then I slapped it together to get some ideas of how its going to look finished. Also was a good time to see where things needed to be straightened out.

LOL this thing is a fingerprint magnet.

Please excuse the “terribad†pictures, still haven’t quite mastered the lower light photos. Anyhow, you might notice some of the screws a little out of line as well as a very small gap between the two pieces of acryl, that’s just because I didn’t fasten the top plate down because I just had to take it apart anyhow. Everything is a flush as its going to get, specially from the angle it will be permanently viewed at. Overall the lighting is kind of low, but when it is placed in a dark area it glows perfectly. I believe once the panels are black it will bring it out even more.

And then I ripped it all apart!

And then instead of painting I cleaned out my work area. I was starting to get buried alive by boxes.

And so with the pieces ready for some primer and the whole painting process, I will need something to work on while they dry in-between coats.

Here is a hint!

I also wanted to take another moment to thank everyone that is subbed to this thread, I don’t think I even know who all is subbed or even how to check. But I DO know how to say thank you for your interest and also thank you to those who have been offering ideas and compliments! More to come!

I had a few minutes to prep for some painting so here is a small update of the panel painting process I will be doing as I am sleeving.

The good ole hot water in a bucket trick.

I decided to don the world war gas mask to enhance my coolness to 200 fonzies.

Some more painting, I hang the panels from the ceiling and it gives me a 360 angle.

I think I really enjoy spray painting =P

And the primer is done.

You may also notice I have decided to finally add an official looking watermark to all my pictures, but the fact remains I am very lazy so I wont be redoing all of my old ones.

More to come soon and thank you for the comments.

Today I took some time to get a first coat of black satin on the primed panels.

I filled in the scratches and then sanded them down along with a few nubbins from the paint spray.

Good ole bucket trick.

And some of my favorite thing to do, Sprayin the paint.

Getting the edges was a paint in the butt.

MMMmmmM Satiney >.<

But overall the pieces are starting to take shape and color, next up I have some more sanding then a final coat of black, and some clear coat.

Ok, So I finally found some time to give my mod some love. I had intended to paint the panels with clear coat really quick and then get a ton of sleeving done. But that never really happened and I'll show you why.

I decided to turn an old room on the 3rd floor of our building into a paint room. (Someone knocked one of my panels down and chipped the paint after spending a ton of time on it, so I decided it was time to do this.) This is what it looked line before.

This is what it looks like now, Cleaned it up the best I could and painted it up. (as well as any dust that was around lol)

I even have a drying area. Not the greatest but at least no one will disturb them.

Which brings us to this. I decided that I did not like the 3mm lights and wanted to get more glow and brightness out of them.

So I bought these, there nice and bright and 5mm. But in the state that there in they will not be dispersing nothing. So time to mod an led.

After some sanding and more sanding we end up with this. (excuse the spray painted nasty fingers >.<)

Which produces this, and this is what I wanted in the first place. =D I glued them into the PSU, and I didn't take pictures because you poor people have probably seen the PSU like 1,000 times so far.

I did however have time to get some sleeving done.

I realized that 2 clean cut wires don't fit well in one heat shrunk piece lol. But I cleaned it up the best I could with what I had. My intent is to make sure all the details are the way they should be, straight clean heatshrink and so on. But its turning out to be more of a challenge than originally layed out. Not enough can be said to having the right material for the job.

That's all I have for now, lots of sleeving and some final painting on the way!

Well I had some more time to work on the PSU today. I originally wanted to just finish the sleeving on the actual unit itself, but I ended up getting carried away >.<

Here is the sleeving length moooosheeen that I made after i saw one somewhere in the sleeving gallery thread.

It was a great idea +1 to whoever it was. (I forgot)

It made sleeving a breeze!

And so here is where it got crazy. I cranked up the electro music and I started sleeving at warp speed. I totally forgot to take pictures and I slapped on all of the panels (had to take some screws out and will have to glue them in, as well as some side panels corners) And before I knew it I was staring at a close-to-done sleeved PSU with a 25lb weight on it. So I decided to quit before I started sleeving everything in the room. Here are the pictures of the aftermath.

Some more glue. Some screws. And a little loven and wait... that sounds like a bad county song. lol In any case its close to being done. Some touch up work, and then on to finish up the case, and of course lots of pictures of the finished PSU.

Well as promised, I said I would take some nice photos of all the work I have done so far. I'm on the fence to change some of the fans out or keep the current config. I believe that they are too bright. But we will see. In any case, here is the semi-final pics of the PSU in action.

[A big thanks to everyone that following and everything that's commented, I appreciate you kind words!

Next update will have some more case work and case sleeving.

Well I did get the final PSU cord done, but I went crazy and made a guide for others to do it as well, so I only got the cord done >.<

Here is the link to the Sleeving Guide
PSU Power Cord Sleeving Guide

And here is a few Pictures.


As promised I conjured up a update on the Katharos Mod. A while back when I started thinking about how I wanted the front panel, I wanted to keep it asymmetrical to go out of the box. Well, after looking at it day in and day out I decided to keep it inside the box and keep things symmetrical. So the next update or two will be finalizing the front bezel of the Katharos Mod. That will include cutting out the other window, sanding and polishing, changing some LEDs, stealthing the DVD drive, and changing the front fan.
This update will have the window cutting and mind numbing sanding. =D

Here is the front panel, the side that was already done.

First thing is first... I needed to cut some guides.

The guides are on the panel in pen, Upon further thought I wish I would of used a pencil lol.

And then we start cutting.

And some more cutting. It doesn't cut clean, but bubbles up and you need to keep smearing it to the side to harden and then recut.

Looks really ugly >.<

Some tape to help guide the lines.

Had to trim some back and do the bulk of the work with the dremel.

Still looks very ugly.

Time for a break, I started this when I got back from the gym and never gave myself time to finish my shake, and by this time is was kinda nasty. =X

Retaped it up and started cleaning it up with the file.

<3 my file kit.

Ready for some sanding.

No sanding, looks good can't wait to finish it and get the glass in, but alas there is alot more work to be done first.

220 Grit - All sanding was done in a vertical motion to keep the flow of the case and to keep any lines I cant smooth out hidden.

320 Grit

420 Grit - wet sanded

1500 Grit - wet sanded, Now your thinking that was a huge jump and it is but the next two steps will polish out any trace of scratches.

And that is where we have to leave it for this update. The next step in this will be to cut the window acrylic and cut the grooves in the back for the window to snap in, and then use the rubbing compound and polish on the whole front. After that we will resleeve the wires and change out some leds.

Thanks for following!

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Like where this is headed

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Originally Posted by NFL View Post
Like where this is headed

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Originally Posted by Jolly-Swagman View Post
Looking good so far nice modding of the PSU + Rep to you!
lol The psu is taking forever, but it will be worth it! Thanks!


Originally Posted by ZHoob2004 View Post
that effect with the acrylic looks a bit similar to what I want to do when I get around to working on my mod. only difference is in stead of metal, I'll be using opaque acrylic and white lighting.
That will look great, make sure to let me know when you start on it!

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So here as promised after a trip to RadioShack, the final product of the psu mod. I'm overall happy with how it turned out, the only lame part is I didn't notice the acrylic being slightly off, but no one will ever see it......EXCEPT YOU PEOPLE! lol

Now to start on the real psu and the front panel!

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Looking good.
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