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Ever since I started building PCs I've wanted to do a black and green themed one. However, only red and blue can be found in local stores
so with Yorksfield a little under 3 months away it gives me an excuse to order all green parts.

For my case I'll be using a Lian-Li 7B Plus II w/ manufacturer window

Which should be arriving any minute now

My plan is to strip the paint and then have it powder coated. As well as drill the necessary water cooling holes to transfer my current system over.

Update 1-03-2008 1:12PM:

Here are some pics of the drives I've been sitting on since Christmas.

Can you say RAID 10?

More to come once the case arrives.

Update 1-03-2008 8:28PM:

Case finally got here it didn't last assembled for long

Prepping for powder coating

Some nice UV green SATA cables I ordered along with it

Update 1-05-2008:

Dropped the case off, expecting it back sometime later this week.

Update 12-07-2008 6:31PM:

I'm proud to present the first green pieces.

Had to go to three separate stores to find this green... Looks WAY better than I expected. Its imported oooh la la.

Update 1-10-2008 8:75PM:

Todays been a VERY good day, got my case, the extra spray paint I ordered came in, AND I found my stolen xbox 360 at a pawn shop. Good day



Some more assembled pictures, the project is not finished there will be much more

Paint pyramid!

Such a great sight

Update 2-15-2008 7:36PM:

Ordered Abit IP35 Pro, Silverstone DA750, and two G.Skill 2x2gb PC2 8000 (8gb total) from newegg should be arriving on Thursday. All thats left are some lights, some screws, possibly a fan controller, new water tubing, and the oh so sweet Q9450

Update 03-19-2008 4:15PM:

Sorry for the TOTAL lack of updates this past month its been a busy month and I decided I better let the thread rest while the time passes for the Q9450. Now that Tankguys is finally receiving the processors next week I felt I better update with all the pictures I've taken since, so enjoy.

Pictures on page 3, since last update I've bought UV lights, Fesser One Acid Green UV coolant, 8' of Clearflex 1/2" ID 3/4" OD tubing, 8 black Lian Li thumb screws and a 8800GTS 512

"The Cubed Quad" reflects the components in the PC itself, four hard drives, four sticks of 2gb memory, and of course the quad core processor. Now if only I could afford quad SLI.

Page with this update's pictures

Update 03-27-2008 3:18PM:

Processor shipped yesterday, expecting it here Saturday
can't wait. Couple new pics showing all the cards now in, the rear, tubing, and my awesome wiring job.

Update 03-31-2008 9:52PM:

Well my project thats been nearly four months long is now finally coming to a close. I thank you all who've followed the thread. The last set of pics is on the fourth page. This mod has really come out stunning in real life. So I hope you all enjoy the pics.

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I'll be watching this thread as I've thought about powdercoating a case.

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Originally Posted by Metalica732
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How do you like the case? Also that exaust grill is GASTLY. Please remove it and drill a whole for the exaust drive bay

I'm LOVING the case. Officially the best case I've ever owned. It doesn't have any fancy features or gimmicks, no plastic (no tool) clips which is EXACTLY what I wanted. Its a simple aluminum case, only thing I don't like is the window with the mesh.

What do you mean about the rear fan? It has a mesh over it, which is completely removable, but I don't notice anything hideous about it. If I wanted to remove it I don't even need to cut a hole.

I've decided to change up my plans a tad, the main chasis (the bare aluminum), the hard drive cage, and the external 3.5 cage will still be powder coated black. But I'm going to leave the anodized finish on the outside, and for the smaller pieces I'm going to spray paint seeing as they are much harder to powder coat. Plus, I want a very specific green.

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Updated with TWENTY new pics, enjoy the oh so sweet powder coating.

Little warpage, but not beyond reason. The top and side panels straighten the frame out. Best of all it only cost me $20 bucks! Way, way cheaper than if I had painted it. Overall I'm VERY happy with it and will definitely powder coat cases in the future.

Up next is to finish the expansion bay covers, as well as the 5.25 covers and the 3.5 covers in green.

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Photobucket has a great photo management system...

And don't worry about thumbnails, just post 800x600 pictures, much easier for everyone
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