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Okay, so I actually more or less completed everything before I left for vacation several weeks ago. I wrote this on vacation but didn't have pictures but am adding them now, I just didn't have a chance to document and post it here. So without further ado, let's get started!

Project: Orange Box

Partial continuation from my first water cooling project here.

Water Cooling Components

HW Labs Black Ice GTX360 Radiator
CPU Water Block: D-Tek Fuzion CPU Water Block and Intel 775 Mount with Scythe SKURK1 Universal Backplate
GPU Water Block: Swiftech MCW60-R (X-Mount)
Ramsinks: ATi Stock HD 3870 Copper Sinks and a few copper MC14s
Reservoir: Swiftech MCRes Micro Reservoir
Pump: Swiftech MCP655-R (D5 Vario) Pump on "5"
Radiator Mount: Swiftech RadBox

Radiator Fans:

1 Scythe SFF21D 900RPM 120mmx25mm Fan (30cfm?)

Pulling: (CFM Rated at 12V but are kept around 5V):
2 Panaflo Fb1Ma 2100RPM 120mmx38mm (86.5cfm)
1 Scythe Ultra-Kaze 2000RPM 120mmx38mm (87cfm)

Computer Components:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz (@ 3.4Ghz)
GPU: ATi HD 3870 512MB PCI-Express
RAM: OCZ XTC Platinum Rev. 2 4x1GB (4GB) DDR2-800
Motherboard: Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi
Power Supply: Thermaltake 1200W ToughPower Modular W0133RU
Sound Card: Creative XtremeMusic X-Fi (PCI)
Disk Drive 1: Asus 18x DVD-RW SATA
Disk Drive 2: Samsung 18 DVD-RW SATA
Fan Controller: Vantec Fan Controller for 3 Rad Fans (Off->12V)
Case: Modified Lian Li V1000B-Plus With Windowed Side Panel

Other Air Cooling:

Motherboard mosfets: Asus Mosfet Fan @ 7V
Ram Cooler: Black OCZ XTC Ram Cooler @ 7V
Case: 2 Yate Loon D12SL Blue Led @ 7V and 12V


Distilled Water
2 Sharpie Accent Orange Tank Highlighters
2.5 Drops of PT Nuke (Copper II Sulfate)
1 Drop of Dawn Green Apple Dish Soap

So my first build was quite a success in my opinion. No leaks and decent temps which came about as good as high end air or better... But I couldn't stop there and as many of you know water cooling and pc modding never ends.... And thus my very own Orange Box was born.

First I would like to thank ira-k for his continued support on anything and everything, martin for his help on my fuzion and the back plate, and POOK for the wonderful orange juice goodness!!

So let's start from the begining.

120mm Scythe Ultra Kaze Medium Speed

120mm Yate Loons

D-tek Nozzle Kit

Here is the order from jab-tech.

And the orange sharpie tank highlighters from Staples.

And my temporary brand new Cooler Master RC-690 which I probably spent a little longer than I wanted installing just to make it look tidy
I have to say though it was a very nice case to work with and I did like the tooless features.

And the big chunky behemoth of a heatsink the Cooler Master GeminII with a Yate Loon D12SL 120mm Fan (I forgot how massive these things had gotten when I switched to a fuzion).

Completed Transfer to the RC-690. Only ran the Geminii with 1 loon and it got kinda toasty.

Making the orange juice
by squeezing out the highlighters. The one on the left is 2 highlighters concentrated and the one on the right diluted which went into the loop.

That's one nasty bend on the pump.

Draining the old loop. Primochill Liquid Utopia really stains the tubing.

GTX360 Showing the Fans all connected

Connected Tubing (damn the mcp655 is still a pain to get on with 7/16" ID Tubing but, really really hot water, TONS of patience, and a few more than a few curse words later it's on.

Filling the Loop

Leak Testing/Bleeding

At the time, and it still does even more so, it looks so tempting to drink. mmm but then I must resist other wise it'd be empty box.

Tidying up the cables took some time but I have to say it was QUITE worth it. This is THE cleanest build I have ever done and I pretty much sleeved/heatshrunk everything that shows. Somethings to note, for the SATA Power Cables on the HDD and 2 DVD Burners I used Molex to SATA Power Connectors because it saved me space and I could manage using just 1 Molex strand for my modular power supply.

Here is the final product:

Temp Results:

Benchmarking Results

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HD 3870

Comparison with the 2900xt

First began by removing the screws along the back.

They ALWAYS put so much TIM that it's probably counterproductive.

Beautiful copper ramsinks already installed (stock) ... take that 8800GT!

So shiny!!

And that's how it should be done!



Opening it up revealed no major clogs only a few pieces of stray slag from the o-ring

Cleaning it with 10% vinegar, distilled water, and alcohol.

All clean, time to put it back together.

And install the quad split nozzle.


Mounting the fuzion with the SCURK1 Plate

Less Flex. But once the fuzion was mounted it curled right back up again, but not quite as bad.

MX-2 applied. Temps so far not too bad, but could be better, looks like I'm going to have to remount a couple more times.

MCW60 with D-Tek 1/2" Barbs

I have replaced all my plastic swiftech barbs with dtek barbs because of the recessed o-ring, better durability, better look, and I couldn't afford iandh's

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Originally Posted by nategr8ns View Post
That orange juice looks mighty tasty
I always get thirsty while gaming

if you are naming this orange box, you better painting the case orange, and puting a logo on it from Valve, or relating to the Orange Box in some way.

I really want to make a TF2 / Portal themed computer

Hey yeah that would be neat. A valve logo window or something

Thanks everyone!

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Looks good, by the name of the thread I was thinking a companion cube pc.

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wow nice man, i love the orange liquid.

does it shine under UV light?

also didnt know the 3870 had those copper ramsinks from stock. *jealous* lol

well more updates plz
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