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Project Orange

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Hey guys! Here's my CM590 mod!

Initial stuff
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went to home depot today. Got some paint and stuff.

Window that I made:

Extended the cable management thing:

CPU Backplate hole:

Plan for extending the upper thing:

Sata cable route:


Tubing: for cleaning up wires

Just bought Fight Club:

More sleeving:

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Guh, what a time to start a mod. November? Painting's going to have to wait until I can either A. think of a good place to paint, or B. wait for the weather to warm up. This sucks.

Today I'm gonna extend the top hole and on saturday I'm going to get started on painting.
Update: Saturday: Finished painting the inside black.

Sunday: Started priming for the outer orange.

I should have sanded that. I'll repaint it:

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No comments?

wow that orange came out nice! shame about the black looking great so far!

Thanks man!

I resprayed that part of the black, and the rest will be covered by the side panels. Sprayed my first coat of orange on the left side panel. Will spray another in a bit.

After that I gotta get my sticky stuff from stickers from my front panel and paint that. After that, it's time to put everything back in and set up. Gonna try and buy some orange xiggy fans to go with.
Finished the side panel. Pics soon.

Finished the primer on the front panel. Pics when that's done, which will probably be tomorrow.
wow thats very orange...looks good. clean the dust out the front and jobs a gud'un
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Thanks guys. And yeah, I'll get that dust out haha.
Turned out great man, nice job.
Awesome job, this has to inspire me

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1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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