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Project rebirth

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Alas Project Q died today. She did however donate all her organs to mod science.
If you don't remember Project Q she was in the first case mod contest.
Here is my page for her.http://members.shaw.ca/agento07/over...t/projectQ.htm

Any how she is now partly reborn in a new DIY acrylic HTPC case I am building.
It is a Sort of ATx SFF case. 21long 12.5deep 8 inches high. I built it this high to use my Hyper6+ HS, and still fit taller ones later on if need be.
It is running old school with
Abit an7 and xpm2500 "I series"
cosair xmspro cas2 ram 2x512mb
geil ultra cas 2 ram 1x512mb
ocz modstream 450w
500gb barracuda sata II
80gb barracuda sata II ( for OS)
Asus HD3450 256mb
my old windowed 52x Cd burner from Project Q
Back and front are 1/4 inch sides and top are 3/8''
I still have lots of work left to do...

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I found a really nice hole cutter at leevalleytools.
However it was only 13 bucks at the big orange box
So I have made most of my hole cuts now. Also got some plastic specific buffing compound and wheel from KMSTools.
My dvd drive rack uses my hard drives as columns and will use a wedge profile on one side a single screw to hold in place.
So far I will be using 2x120's and 2 and 80's for fans.
I am also going to replace the stock mobo tray with a 1/16 aluminum one using tall standoffs for under airflow and cut a hole through the case bottom directing under the cpu socket and cover with fan grill. That way airflow directly on the back of the socket will occur.
Eventually the front aluminum supports will be shaped into more delicate pieces to allow more see through vis.

What ya think.
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