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Project: TBD?

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Okay, New case, New log.

Right now I'm in more of brain-storming phase as to what to do to this setup...

I'm looking for some ideas from the public, Just FYI, I have access to a full machine shop, Everything is in there, Aside from CNC equipment, Milling machine and Lathe are both Old-School... So if anything comes to mind with that in there, Post it up!

Now, The main feature; Pictures!

Side panels, Front Bezel, Vent.

SCSI card, Mounted behind all 6 SCSI Hot-swappable drives. Modded My big Sunon in that panel there, before a crappy little quiet one was there...

Back of the case, Another Big, Heavy Sunon spotting.

Hot-Swappable drives, Front LEDs, Buttons, Etc.

And of course, Motherboard, Dual 750 Xeons, And 1GB of SD-ram, Registered/ECC PC100. 2x10/100 NICS in there, But 2x10/100/1000 now.

NOW, We have some pics of it all dressed up.


And of Course, A profile shot, Comparing the depth to my CheifTec case.


(ugh... I feel so... n00b... *Cough* caps lock *Cough*...)
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Well, Its mainly going to be travelling to LANs as a dedicated server, Mainly CS1.6 & Patch distro there, Maybe BF2/CSS even. I've got the dedicated clients setup on it, Just haven't testing with anyone in them, So I'll have to see how that works out at the next one.

Pictures? Pictures of where? There isn't much more to show other then above, Not an extremely interesting case...

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Dual P3 750's, 100FSB, 256kB L2.
2x512MB EDO-SDRAM, PC100, ECC, Registered.
2x10/100/1000 NIC cards.
Some old sound card.
Adaptec PCI-SCSI RAID controller. (Switching to onboard, That card is going into my main rig.)
6x18.2GB SCSI drives in RAID-0. (9.8MS access, But 26.5MBPS on the PCI-controller.
It'll be better with onboard!
350W Dell PSU.

The board will only support up to 1Ghz P3 Xeons, Looks like I'm going hunting on Ebay.ca, When funds are available, Of course.
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