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project vs project

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Ok guys, it will be time for my next undertaking soon, I am at a dilemma however, I dont know what to do. I currently have two ideas mulling around my mind, one slightly more ridiculous than then other, but that only makes it more fun.

First idea is fairly straight forward. A few days ago I came across this, http://www.lan-gear.com/products.php I think it looks like a really sweet lanbox, especially for air cooling. If I go this route I would probably do some light modding but nothing too heavy, just enough to get some really good airflow through the case. The reason I like this idea is that its simple, light, and effective.

The other idea is a bit more involved but would end even more spectacularly. I would try to cram as much watercooling into a lian-li A05 as possible, i.e. a 360 rad, at least 1 120 rad, cpu and gpu blocks, pump, etc. This route is more expensive so it may take a bit more time to complete. This would be more of a work of art than the first idea, it would also be heavy as hell meaning it would be hard to transport, not exactly a good thing seeing as how I move my computer quite a bit in the summer.

Either way I am going to go with a new core i5 setup when the new chips are released. I havent decided about nvidia vs ati yet though. Its also going to be matx for either one. Money wont exactly be an issue seeing as how the Navy is giving me a bonus whenever I get in and do my nuclear power interview, but I intend on keeping costs under about $2k

Your opinions and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I personally would much rather see the lian li full of goodies
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