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Well, i havent figured out what my inspiration is gonna be, but i decided Im going to perform a case mod on my old 750D, so it will accept a 420 up top, and I might try another mod to have it accept a 360 in front. Or i might just do a 420 up top and a 280 in front.

Here's what Im working with right now:

My specs:

2x EVGA Reference GTX 980 Ti

i7 4790K


EVGA 1000P2

I got some inspiration from a shell casing, which would fit the silver theme as well, and all I would really need is to spray the case brass, or find some brass/gold scotchprint.

Also, if i put a 420 in the case, then it would require that the brackets for the bays would need to go, which would also weaken the case structurally. So I would need to reinforce an already flimsy case with some support brackets.

If anybody has some inspiration / insight, Please feel free to share.
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