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Proof ECS elite group boreds arnt THE WORST! but not good

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Check out the Stable overclock on my RIG.
(Yes im building a bran new system By my BDAY!
DEC 17th whoooooooooooooot 21 GETTING HAMMERED !!!!!
Lol anyways same system thats in profile

Check out settings post comments as u will.
NO FLAMMING! or ****

BTW Overclock wall is 3.2ghz and i have problems after that.
Thats why it isnt at my highest of 3.5ghz. hit 4.0ghz.
But couldnt stable it out. even with my secret COOLING! XD
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sorry forgot to post pic hahahahahhaha
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5 minutes of Prime isn't stable.

Originally Posted by alex98uk View Post
5 minutes of Prime isn't stable.
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I know thats when i started. lol
ECS isn't the worst for OC'ing. i mean, you could be OC'ing on a PC Chips board. last I checked they only use VIA chipsets lol.
Have my 3700+ from in my ECS MB for 3 years now @ 2.8Ghz from 2.2Ghz which is no that bad.
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