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PS2 Hard Disk

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Alright, I've been thinking about a few things with my PS2, and I was wondering if anybody knows if there's a way to install an HDD without having to search for one of sony's kits on ebay. I think I might try to fool around with trying to install some of my games to it so I don't need my disks all of the time. Either that or figure out a way to have more than two GT4 or GT3 saves (I have two mem cards).
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Du you play your PS2 game on a USB HDD "game?"
I heard allot of people says it was very slow.

Hey MustangPanda,
I forgot to mention what type of HDD is needed.
Since the Official Sony PS2 HDD that came with Final Fantasy XI is an IDE.
You will need an IDE HDD to connect to that Network Adapter.

No they are not ROM; you upload your game onto the HDD if you want faster load time or for convenient access.
It's allotted like the XBOX, except you don't even need to mod your PS2.

no you can't use a labtop hdd,

http://www.cdcopy.it/img/hd/na%20back.JPG <-- shee that?
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