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PS2 Hooked up to a Monitor

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So I was wondering, I've 2 of these monitors right now. I've got my brother's 360 hooked up via HDMI to one, and a PS3 I recently bought hooked up to the other via HDMI as well. I was wondering, seeing as how the monitors have a VGA connection as well, if it was possible to hook up a PS2 (also my brother's) to it with one of these adapter cable. I've got one laying around, but I wanted to make sure it would work first before I waste my time with it. It seems like a pretty obvious "yea, it'll work" answer to me, but I just wanted to make sure.
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I must be doing something wrong then (though, it's hard to mess up matching colors), because it's not working. I don't get a signal at all, and I've tried this on 3 monitors, and a TV which, when hooked up with just the AV cables, plays stuff fine.

...or maybe I just have a defective adapter cable, which I would be sorely saddened by
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Have you made sure all the pins are strait?

Do you have the ability to use the S-VIDEO connection and try that?

Are you hooking up all 3 cables or just the yellow? (Yellow is your video, White/Red = L & R Audio)
The pins look about as straight as they can get. I've tried a combo of having the yellow video cable plugged in by itself, then along with the white and red audio ones as well. I have not yet tried the S-Video...let me do that now and I'll see how it goes.

I appreciate the help thus far.
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No problem man. Basic troubleshooting is usually the key.

It could be a bad adapter as you said it worked on none of your monitors nor your TV?
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Well, that didn't work either. Before I call it a dud adapter, I'm going to test it on the PS3 and another device that uses those cables tomorrow and see if I can get anything from it. If not, then I'll call it and see about getting another one.

I don't normally work with these cables, but I figured it was a simple matter of matching colors up and what-not, which it is, so...I don't know. I know the PS2 works, because plugging it directly into a TV works fine, and I know the VGA ports on the monitors and the TV work because today I swapped them for DVI connections to my video card.
I actually don't think that adapter will work. Typically it is used in the opposite direction VGA to S-Video or composite, and only will work if your video card has the ability to output a TV signal.
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I tried those adapters before too and it didn't work for me (Probably did something wrong). However you can get a VGA box called the 1080p Mega-Cool VGA Box (XCM).

It works great actually. However few weeks back I just bought an LG monitor that had component inputs in it so that I won't have to use the box.

Hope that helped.
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