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PS3 died...need advice on rather to get new one or pc

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Sad to say it but I believe my PS3 has fell victim to a dead blu ray laser...I noticed it had began freezing from time to time and long story short, it started doing it more frequently until the point where it now doesnt even recognize a disk in the drive. From what I've read online, its the blu ray laser and I could send it in for sony to fix for $150 (warranty is long gone) but with the slim now at $299, that would be out of the question. One of my buddies got me hooked on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 for the pc and through steam, Ive tried some demos and really enjoy playing on the keyboard and mouse and had hopes of getting a gaming pc for Christmas to go along with the PS3 but now that wont be the case
Im trying to decide if I want to stay with the PS3 or go all out pc (ive only got 5 ps3 because i mostly rent them and
L4D1 and 2 are my only pc games) The kind of games I play most are racing and action/adventure type of games (RE5, Batman AA, Xmen Origins: Wolverine are all games I enjoyed to give you an idea) Would I be better off with the PC or a PS3 slim? I was looking forward to Gran Turismo 5 as well as Final Fantasy XIII next year which wont be on PC but Im not going to base my decision off of a couple of games. The slim kind of scares me because of the problems I've read about them freezing (Im also a member on an actual
PS3 forum) and I would hate to spend money on something I know isnt going to last for a while. I really would appreciate any advice guys and gals
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I had that problem, and I sent mine in for the $150 repairs. I justified the fixes because I definitely play it often enough. Plus, there are console and PS3 exclusives that I want and look forward to playing. Additionally, I just prefer to play some types of games on console. For example, NBA 2k8,9,10 and Burnout Paradise. If you don't think you're going to want to play many games on the console, then it might be better off to go all PC. It sounds like you are very reluctant to pay for the fixes so maybe you could buy a Blu Ray drive and try to fix it yourself.

You may want to read this thread: http://www.overclock.net/playstation...th-fixing.html
i think just get a new PS3 or fix your current one

there are more exclusive ones, you probably have friends on PSN, and atm the PC is not really getting good games due to the focus on consoles.
You ask on OCN... Whether to pick a PC or a console? You did know what the answer was going to be before hand and you're just doing this as a psychological test, right? Right?

If you really want to play the PS3 exclusives, get the PS3 slim. Otherwise build a computer. You can build a decent lower-mid-range gamer for less than $500. A rig like mine would run ~$800-1000.

<$500 gamer (~$430):

DVD drive:
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A second thought would be go PC (obviously), maybe budget, and wait till FFXIII comes out to get another PS3. There will probably be a bundle and maybe some deals. By the time it comes out you could have more money saved up for it. Plus the Slim will have more hard drive space.
Have you tried fixing it? My cousin got the dead blu-ray laser and bought the part online and fixed it himself. Alternatively you can send it in for repairs for a relatively reasonable price.

As for your PS3/PC dilemma, it'd have to depend on the deals for PC parts IMO. If there are some really good deals for a mobo/cpu combo or a gfx card, I'd go PC. PS3 doesn't go one big sales like PC parts. Your better off finding deals and building a comp and then get the PS3 when GT5/FFXIII/BFBC2 are about to be released.
It depends on budget if your looking for a good gaming PC you have to be ready to fork up hundreds if not more depending what you want. The PS3 is the cheaper route to go if you want to spend less money and you dont have worry about all the extra things that come along with buying a computer.
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