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PS3-No team/user settings anymore?

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Hey guys, just fired up the PS3 for the first time in months hoping to add that to my two other folding rigs...

Guess what - I can't find any team or user name options.

What the... ?

Is it hiding somewhere, or did they disable it all together?
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Lemme look... Edit when I find it.

OK, Triangle, then Current Channel, then Identity. Enjoy!
No luck, I am on the new LIFE with Playstation
Instead of [email protected]

It updated itself.
Under current channel all I have is:

And under settings all I can change is the temp format for the weather.
Change the channel... you're probably on that news one it defaults on I think.
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Ah, googled channel change for it b/c I did not know how.
And there it is!
Thanks Yabo, rep+
Nice! Ok, sleep for me... stupid daylight savings time. =p
No kiddin.

There is no workstation # setting... is that a problem with 2 other rigs under workstation #'s 1 and 2?
You know... I never even noticed. I just run it 24/7. I have my sig rig set as station 1, though, so, not sure if it matters.
should I be worried about running 24/7 as far as heat/wear-n-tear on my ps3?
btw being on ocn on my cell whist watching my ps3 fold on my psp, all while sitting in bed watching hd tivo transferred from the living room...

Originally Posted by dpawl31 View Post
should I be worried about running 24/7 as far as heat/wear-n-tear on my ps3?
No, it should be fine.
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